Ecoterrorists Strike in NZ

Published online: Jan 15, 2002
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Ecoterrorists in New Zealand, going by the name of Wild Greens, raided and destroyed genetically modified potatoes in a Crop and Food Research Institute near Christchurch.

The group destroyed over 1,334 plants from three research projects. They were valued at NZ$100,000.

One of the projects worst hit was looking into better ways of non-GM potato improvement. Also destroyed was other GM and non-GM research projects.

Margy Gilpin, researcher, said because the plants were destroyed or cannot be accurately identified, the researchers will be unable to do the tests to verify all the science progress made over the last three years.

Wild Greens had earlier said protesters were focusing on 10 areas where trials might occur. It said more than 3,000 people had put their names to a pledge to take direct protest action.

Life Science Network Chairman William Rolleston said the cost of carrying out research may have to go up because extra security will now be needed.

"It is an attack upon knowledge, and an attack upon the legal and legitimate processes of debate in New Zealand," he said.