Betaseed Awards Scholarships To Michigan Students

Published online: Jun 06, 2024 News
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In May 2024, Betaseed awarded $1,000 scholarships to each of its annual winners in the Michigan growing region. Congratulations to these three hard-working students: Addison Hagen, Courtney Puvalowski and Derek Schornack.

“It is vital to support the educational plans of the next generation of agriculture employees and leaders. It not only encourages students’ educational and personal development goals, but it supports the future of the agricultural industry itself,” said Rob Gerstenberger, Betaseed sales manager for the Michigan region. 

Hagen is the child of Clint and Melissa Hagen of Atwater Farms and is currently a student at Ubly High School. She plans to study crop and soil science at Michigan State University and sees a future for herself in agronomy.

Applicants were asked to submit a 300-word essay on what the future holds for sugarbeets and sugarbeet producers. Hagen believes it is important to see a stronger sugar policy included in the U.S. Farm Bill, specifically strengthening policy regarding foreign market sugar activities.  

Puvalowski’s parents are Scott and Caren Puvalowski; her dad is a grower in the East growing area. She is also an Ubly High School student and plans on attending Central Michigan University to study medicine. She would like to become a physician assistant, returning to her home as a rural healthcare provider. Her essay included her thoughts concerning the impact of biotechnology on the future of sugarbeets and its potential to positively affect sugarbeet yield and sugar content. 

Schornack is the child of Kevin and Corinne of Schornack Farms in the East growing district. He is a student at North Huron High School and will be studying ag technology at Michigan State University to become a farmer. His essay demonstrated his knowledge that consumer interest could increase growth opportunities and that technology advancements could create impactful solutions in sugarbeet storage before processing. 

Betaseed is headquartered in Bloomington, Minnesota, and is North America’s premier sugarbeet seed company. Betaseed is the only sugarbeet seed brand to provide seed to all sugarbeet regions.

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