Why Is It Called The Sugar Bowl?

Published online: Jan 04, 2024 Feature KXAN - Austin, Texas
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Austin (KXAN) — Since 1935, the Sugar Bowl has been one of the most prestigious and revered college football bowl games, from its humble beginnings at Tulane Stadium to the grand spectacle it will be (last) Monday at Caesars Superdome as part of the College Football Playoff.

It has been in New Orleans every year (sometimes twice a year when held on Jan. 1 and Dec. 31) except 2006 when the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina forced a move to the Georgia Dome. The game was “born in the depths of the depression,” according to the game’s history book, and is, “a story of community spirit and initiative that has been instrumental in spreading the name and fame of New Orleans worldwide.”

With that said, why’s it called the Sugar Bowl?

To read why, go here (spoiler alert – it does have to do with sugar): https://www.kxan.com/sports/why-is-it-called-the-sugar-bowl/