Ecorobotix Unveils AI Software Release 3.0 For ARA Smart Sprayer

Published online: Sep 06, 2023 New Products
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Salinas, Calif. & Yverdon-Les-Bains, Switzerland (AgPR) – Ecorobotix has unveiled the latest release, 3.0, of its Plant-by-Plant AI Software, introducing a diverse range of new capabilities for the ARA ultra-high precision smart sprayer. These developments significantly broaden the range of treatments achievable using Ecorobotix's innovative Plant-by-Plant AI software system.

Release 3.0 Introduces The Following Five New Innovative Capabilities:
(1) Targeted Treatment with Size Control: Precision treatment of specified plant dimensions is enabled by setting a target size. This offers versatile applications, from precise foliar fertilization to tackling established weeds.

(2) Monocotyledon and Dicotyledon Differentiation: Ecorobotix raises the bar with advanced detection capabilities that differentiate between monocot and dicot weeds in onion fields, a technological first. This distinction empowers farmers to employ treatments with graminicides exclusively on monocotyledons, maximizing the potential of Ecorobotix's pioneering technology.

(3) Revolutionary Row Algorithm: ARA's novel row algorithm advances crop row recognition, facilitating precise spraying on rows or inter-rows. This extends benefits to crops that do not yet have their own plant detection algorithms.

*(4) Customizable Safety Zones: Altering the dimensions of the safety zone surrounding the crop is now achievable. The distance of the safety zone can be modified, within which no spraying occurs. This approach is specifically designed for applying herbicides.

*(5) “Spray All but Crop” Application Mode: This revolutionary spray mode, ideal for pre-emergence and root herbicides, empowers farmers to spray all but crops, and can even be combined with the previous new feature of adjustable safety zones.

In addition to these technical functionalities, release 3.0 also presents an expanded user interface for the ARA, now accommodating *five additional languages: Czech, Danish, Spanish, Polish, and Portuguese.

* New Features included in base license

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