America’s Farmers Are Bogged Down By Data

Uptake of agtech tools has been tepid, and even many farmers who do use them struggle with the software and a flood of data from their farms

Published online: Aug 24, 2023 Feature Belle Lin , Wall Street Journal
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A decade after data analytics promised to revolutionize agriculture, most farmers still aren’t using data tools or specialized software, and of those who do, many are swamped in a deluge of data.

In 2013, seed and pesticide giant Monsanto acquired agriculture-data firm Climate Corporation for $1 billion, helping spur the industry’s mania for data-driven farming. The hope was that by outfitting farmers with software and tools capable of ingesting and analyzing troves of data on things from weather patterns to soil conditions, they could more efficiently use their land.

Many are still waiting for the technology to pay off.

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