Innvictis Adds INNLIVEN Fungicides to 2023 Line-Up

Published online: Jun 09, 2023 New Products
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Boise, ID - Protecting a broad range of crops from diseases in the dog days of summer was the key motivation for the new line of fungicides Innvictis launched this month.

Three new fungicides: INNLIVEN P, INNLIVEN ELITE, and INNLIVEN TRZ, were developed by combining several proven active ingredients to deliver efficiency and effectiveness in combating disease pressure.

Each of the products in this lineup was built around the highly effective and proven active ingredient, Pyraclostrobin for preventative care, while also adding curative modes of action for a dual threat. The three unique combinations not only control plant pathogens but also allow the crop to maximize energy production, a critical function for growth and development.

“With INNLIVEN, we wanted to offer growers something they can’t find anywhere else,” said Nick Dame, Director of Innvictis Crop Care. “These fungicides deliver an optimal amount of pyraclostrobin and triazole while maintaining a low use rate. Growers don’t have to trade convenience for performance.”

With each custom formulation labeled for up to 20 different crops, there is a product to meet a broad number of farmers’ needs:

“Considering crop safety and residual control in addition to fungicide efficacy will provide growers the best potential for a high yield scenario,” says Dr. Jeffrey Mansour, Senior Agronomist for Simplot Grower Solutions. “Taking these variables into consideration, INNLIVEN plays an integral role in maintaining optimal disease and residual control across a broad range of crops.”

In pre-launch field trials, INNLIVEN delivered broad-spectrum disease control, increased plant health, and improved abiotic stress tolerance. 

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