SeedLife ARMOR-C Leverages Patented BIO-CAPSULE Technology

“ ... we believe with ARMOR-C we’ve finally found the perfect fit for our growers.”

Published online: Mar 29, 2023 New Products
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Virden, Ill. (AgPR) – SEEDLIFE ARMOR-C, an innovative planter box treatment system, is now available from Seed Life, it was announced. Seed Life is a group of talented ag professionals focused on the crop production success of the farmers they serve with seed, seed treatment and agronomic information.

“There’s definitely a biological race within the agricultural world,” said Katie Dowson, sales and marketing manager of Seed Life and operator of their main facility near Virden, Illinois. “We’ve been doing plenty of research wanting to find the perfect fit to sell here at Seed Life for our growers. We believe with SeedLife ARMOR-C that we’ve finally done that.”

“We’re seeing great results from this combination of microbes and micronutrients we’ve sourced for the product,” said Peter Rousonelos, vice president of Meristem Crop Performance, who assisted Seed Life in bringing SeedLife ARMOR-C to market. “Key is keeping the microbes healthy and vigorous right up to the point they hit the furrow. And research shows we’re getting great coverage on every seed that goes into the ground.” The BIO-CAPSULE TECHNOLOGY Planter Box Delivery System, is the revolutionary packaging system designed to carry, protect, and dispense a multitude of biologicals into a seed lubricant blend plus micronutrients. It’s the delivery system used with SEEDLIFE ARMOR-C.

“SEEDLIFE ARMOR-C Corn, powered by BIO-CAPSULE, is truly a game changer because the new technology allows for so many proven ingredients to work together effectively as a single product,” said Rousonelos. “One of BIO-CAPSULEs will be charged with Terrasym, an industry leading proprietary bio-stimulant developed by NewLeaf Symbiotics that helps plants increase nutrient uptake to develop a massive root structure. Another BIO-CAPSULE will be charged with a microbial team proven to fix nitrogen and solubilize nutrients. In the base is an 80/20 talc blend with iron and manganese, plus 1.35 pounds of a specially formulated zinc.” There is also a formulation available for soybeans, he added.

Seed Life is intent on being out front with new technology, Dowson said, “but you won't see us sell you something that doesn't bring you solid results and better value, because the overarching mission is helping farmers extract every bushel they can from every dollar they spend.” In partnering with Meristem Crop Performance, she added, “not only do we feel we’ve found a product that will be extremely valuable to our customers, it’s also easy-to-use and comes at an incredible price point.”

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