Just Another Sugarbeet Pile?

Published online: Nov 21, 2022 Feature
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Yes, most sugar industry people would say a sugarbeet pile is pretty much just like any other sugarbeet pile.

And the sugarbeet pile in this photo looks like most others you would see in the sugarbeet producing areas of the United States except that it’s not anywhere close to the U.S. Rather, this sugarbeet pile is in southern Germany. And if you look close, there are actually two beet piles in this photo.

We recently received this photo from Jeremy Lindstrom, who lives near Munich, Germany. He snapped a photo of this sugarbeet pile last week just outside of Erding, Germany, located northeast of Munich and a little south and east of Munich International Airport.

Not being experts in the German sugarbeet industry, we don’t know which factory these beets are headed for but are assuming it’s a factory that is part of Sudzucker Group (sudzuckergroup.com).