Sentera Announces Increased Availability Of 6X Sensors

Science-grade multispectral sensor captures more data to help advance research

Published online: Oct 08, 2022 New Products
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St. Paul, Minn.Sentera, the industry leading real-time ag analytics platform powered by machine learning, announced increased availability of its 6X sensors, which captures high-resolution imagery with eight channels of image data, to meet demand caused by supply chain issues.  

“Supply chain challenges have drastically impacted the sensor market for agriculture, and we’re excited to continue to deliver our 6X sensors to our customers for the coming season,” said Ryan Nelson, chief mechanical engineer, Sentera. “With both multispectral and thermal options available, our 6X sensor has transformed data collection for researchers since its launch in 2019.” 

The Sentera 6X Multispectral sensor provides science-grade multispectral imagery with high radiometric accuracy, delivering fast-rate performance for quicker data capture and post-processing analysis. The 6X Thermal sensor extends optics with pixel-level temperature measurement, adding a radiometric lens.  

Compatible with DJI Inspire and Matrice series, once drone pilots capture high-resolution imagery with the 6X sensors, Sentera’s proprietary machine learning platform transforms it into deep analytics that are then used to validate performance and outcomes.  

Key analytics generated by imagery captured by the 6X sensor include:  

  • Stand Count to provide insight into crop emergence and uniformity
  • Crop Health to quantity the effects of products and treatments
  • Canopy Cover to showcase the fraction and uniformity of green vegetation
  • Flowering to monitor flowering development throughout the entire season to characterize crop growth stage, development, and maturity
  • Residue Cover to showcase the extent and fraction of residue covering bare soil prior to crop planting or following harvest

“For key crops, including corn, soybean, cotton, and canola, our 6X sensors provide our customers with the industry’s most accurate and timely analytics,” continued Nelson. “As a result, they can validate outcomes and make the critical decisions they need to support plot trials and other product development priorities.”  

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