New Adjuvant In The Mix Brings Tech From Medical Industry

Published online: Aug 16, 2022 New Products Margy Eckelkamp, The Daily Scoop
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When introducing Hydrovant, the team at Corbet Scientific says it aims to bring a whole new category of adjuvants to the market.

Hydrovant is a polymer product, with its technology platform first developed in the medical industry. In agricultural applications, it is a first-of-its-kind activator sticker technology has the ability to tank mix with existing active ingredients (AI) in a variety of applications and crops to help products stay on the leaf and work longer. In its research, the company has shown Hydrovant increases the efficacy of both contact and systemic pesticides, pre emerge and post emerge herbicides and fertilizers. 

“Corbet Scientific is developing technologies for the industry, and Hydrovant is so unique it could mean there’s a whole new product category,” says CEO Glenn Pacchiana. We aren’t a surfactant. We are an activator—a super sticker—as the product grabs the AI and sticks it to the plant through any moisture event.”

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