CONVISO SMART Cultivation System For Sugarbeet Approved For Use In Germany

Published online: Aug 26, 2022 New Products
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The CONVISO SMART system, developed by KWS and Bayer CropScience, offers an efficient, sustainable approach to control weeds in sugarbeet cultivation. Compared with traditional weed control, this method reduces the amount of herbicide used as well as the number of runs in the field needed. This makes the technology a true innovation in sugarbeet cultivation.

CONVISO SMART has now received amended approval in Germany.

The CONVISO SMART system comprises two interconnected components: A modern herbicide and conventionally bred sugarbeet varieties that are tolerant to the herbicide. KWS is responsible for breeding and producing the seed, while Bayer CropScience manufactures the herbicide CONVISO ONE. Launched in 2018, the successful system is now used in more than 25 countries around the world.

“We are very pleased that CONVISO ONE herbicide is now available in Germany with an adapted registration,” Peter Müller, Managing Director of Bayer CropScience Germany GmbH, said. “We are convinced of the benefits and potential the system offers and are certain it will strengthen the competitiveness of sugarbeet cultivation in Germany.”

Dr. Peter Hofmann, whose responsibilities as a member of the KWS Executive Board include the Sugarbeet Business Unit, added, “As a plant breeding company, we want to develop high-yield varieties and make a measurable contribution to promoting greater sustainability in agriculture. CONVISO SMART technology does both: It achieves yield reliability through efficient weed control and reduces the use of chemical crop protection. This is key to ensuring sugarbeet cultivation continues to be profitable and viable for the future.”

Applying three to five herbicide treatments during each growing season is the norm for standard weed control. With the CONVISO SMART system, only two treatments with CONVISO ONE are necessary. This means fewer runs in the field and therefore time savings for users as well as a significant reduction in the use of crop protection. CONVISO SMART is also well tolerated by cultivated plants.

The revised approval from July 13, 2022, specifies that CONVISO® ONE herbicide can be used on undrained land at a practical application rate of 2 x 0.5 liters per hectare. On areas with drainage, the same application rate can be used in a hoe-band system. This newly approved application rate totaling one liter per hectare makes it possible to reliably control the most significant weeds in sugarbeet cultivation.

Featuring different tolerance combinations, the three sugarbeet varieties SMART MANJA KWS, SMART MIREA KWS and SMART THEKLA KWS cover a wide range of local conditions and have all received approval in Germany. The system will be available for sowing in 2023.

Further information can be found here: CONVISO®SMART.