Ingersoll Rand Introduces Cold Plasma Technology At Cultivate ‘22

First-of-its-kind technology creates higher yields of healthier plants by generating plasma-activated water for indoor growing facilities

Published online: Jul 13, 2022 New Products
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Davidson, N.C. - Global manufacturing leader Ingersoll Rand is revealing a revolutionary alternative to traditional disinfection and oxygenation technology at AmericanHort’s Cultivate ’22 event. Ingersoll Rand Ion Solutions is the first system to apply cold plasma technology for boosting plant health and yield sizes in indoor growing facilities. 

“Ion Solutions is truly the first of its kind,” Emrah Ercan, general manager of Ingersoll Rand’s PST Ventures division, said. “It is the only commercial technology creating plasma-activated water for healthier growing environment in indoor agriculture facilities.” 

Ion Solutions oxygenates and disinfects water using only water, air, and electricity as inputs. The transformative process uses cold plasma to inject water with nanobubbles containing dissolved oxygen and oxidation reduction potential (ORP). This high-quality plasma-activated water provides dual benefits: 

  • Energy-efficient, long-lasting oxygenation
  • Chemical-free disinfection capable of eliminating not only organic bacteria and pathogens but also inorganic pollutants 


Ion Solutions’ plasma-activated water contains 12 times the dissolved oxygen of competitive solutions, remaining latent in water for more than two weeks at a temperature range of up to 35C. When used to irrigate indoor growing facilities, the dissolved oxygen improves root zone health, aids in nutrient and water uptake and reduces plant stress.  


The cold plasma process also creates ORP, a measure of water’s ability to break down contaminants and waste, by injecting reactive oxygen species (ROS) directly into the water. ROS, which include hydroxyls, ozone, and hydrogen peroxide, are the most effective natural disinfecting compounds on earth. Ion Solutions controls the amount of ORP based on the optimum levels needed in the application. This powerful disinfection capability mitigates pathogens like pythium, prevents biofilm and suppresses algae – all without the use of chemicals. 

Ion Solutions offers dual-mode oxygenation and disinfection while consuming 90 percent less energy than incumbent solutions, decreasing total cost of ownership by up to 70 percent. As a smart and connected product, the system’s IoT-enabled dashboard allows indoor growers to monitor, control and optimize water quality for efficient operations. The technology integrates seamlessly with existing systems, offering an easy-to-install, plug-and-play solution that delivers immediate value in a compact footprint.

The Ion Solutions system can be seen in action in booth #302 at AmericanHort’s Cultivate ’22 event in Columbus, Ohio. The technology is now available for pre-order at