Trimble Announces Improvements to CenterPoint RTX Corrections Service

Published online: Nov 10, 2021 New Products
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Trimble announces significant improvements to its Trimble CenterPoint RTX correction service, giving farmers the best of both worlds: the ease of use of satellite-delivered corrections and RTK horizontal performance in less time. With improved convergence of up to 75%, farmers using the Trimble NAV-900 controller for machine guidance applications can now begin working in the field with 2.5-centimeter accuracy in less than five minutes—as compared to 20 minutes in the past.

The faster convergence is made possible by the inclusion of the BeiDou-III (BDS-III) constellation, which increases the overall satellites used by 25%. These additional satellites, combined with Trimble’s newly-released ProPoint technology on the NAV-900 GNSS guidance controller and the CenterPoint RTX service, deliver up to 40% greater positioning availability in challenging environments, including along treelines and gullies. This helps farmers get up and running, especially during critical field operations such as planting, harvesting and spraying, when precision and time is of the essence.

“Our mission is to deliver fast, reliable, easy-to-use, high-accuracy positioning everywhere farmers need it,” says Lisa Wetherbee, general manager of Trimble Advanced Positioning. “With this latest breakthrough in CenterPoint RTX performance, we’ve reached a pivotal moment where farmers can take advantage of RTK-level performance in an easy-to-implement, cost-effective, globally available correction service. Our goal is to make the farmer’s work easier by making accuracy easier.”

CenterPoint RTX correction service, when coupled with Trimble’s next-gen ProPoint technology, provides powerful flexibility and productivity. Now, farmers can quickly achieve RTK-level horizontal performance without a local base station, offering greater ease-of-use and freedom to choose how they obtain their corrections data—via cellular IP or satellite L-band—to best fit how and where they work. This performance boost is now available on the Trimble NAV-900 guidance controller, a multi-constellation receiver supporting GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BDS-III, used for precision agriculture solutions.

“We understand that farmers are stretched thinner than ever given evolving environmental and resource concerns,” says Jim Chambers, vice president of Trimble Agriculture. “We are designing precision agriculture solutions that help farmers save time and work more efficiently.”

CenterPoint RTX capabilities are an integral component of Trimble’s Connected Farm vision, enabling farmers as they begin to leverage autonomous solutions on their own terms. High-accuracy positioning, uptime and reliability are essential elements, which enable a more efficient farm today and in the future. CenterPoint RTX was designed to help farmers realize the value of autonomy-enabled solutions, no matter where they are on that journey.


The NAV-900 guidance controller and Trimble CenterPoint RTX subscriptions for Trimble RTX-compatible GNSS receivers are available now through Trimble's Agriculture dealer network.

About Trimble CenterPoint RTX 

Trimble CenterPoint RTX correction service is based on Trimble RTX technology, utilizing data from a global reference station network to compute high-accuracy positions based on satellite orbit and clock information. Trimble RTX-based correction services are available via convenient, easy-to-access satellite delivery or via IP/cellular communication, providing users with flexible options to obtain high-accuracy positions in nearly any work environment. Trimble RTX-based correction services are available throughout most of the world.