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Published online: Nov 24, 2021 Feature, News
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This report appears in the November/December issue of Sugar Producer.

Sugarbeet growers begin the process of variety selection for the next year on the day they start seeing this year’s crop emerge. Strong emergence and good vigor are key characteristics needed to produce a healthy, high-yielding crop.  Dealer recommendations, strip trial results and official trial results also play a big role in this decision, and growers know having diversity in their variety selection spreads the risk.

Seedex encourages this, and Seedex breeders do the same within their hybrid variety profile. They know how important it is to bring all the characteristics needed into a hybrid, whether it is curly top, Aphanomyces, Rhizoctonia, Cercospora or Alternaria tolerance; or more foundational traits like rhizomania, root aphid, or nematode resistance. Balancing disease tolerance with yield and sugar is key for stable performance. Many markets require different combinations and different levels of tolerance. Seedex breeders know these targets and direct their programs to meet these goals.

American Crystal Sugar Company

Growers in the Red River Valley will have a diverse list of Seedex varieties to choose from in 2022. SX1898 is a third-year variety that offers excellent revenue per acre with two sources of rhizomania tolerance, root aphid tolerance, and a combination of Aphanomyces/Rhizoctonia tolerance that is better than average. SX1888 and SX1887 are workhorse varieties that have performed well in grower strip trials and grower fields. Both have a well-balanced disease package that include very good yield and sugar. Root aphid, rhizomania, Aphanomyces and Rhizoctonia tolerance is a staple of these workhorse varieties, along with good emergence and vigor.

Michigan Sugar

Michigan and Ontario growers have watched Seedex genetics improve over the years. When growers find a weakness in the portfolio, Seedex breeders work diligently to make sure it is addressed to maintain excellent results in Official Variety Trials (OVTs) and Sugarbeet Advancement trials (SBA), but most importantly, in growers’ fields.

New to the lineup is SX2296N. Ranked No. 2 in the OVTs on revenue per acre and No. 1 for RWSA, this sweet nematode variety brings an excellent disease package. SX2295 is another sweet option, but also provides excellent Rhizoctonia tolerance with a balance of Aphanomyces, Cercospora, rhizomania and root aphid tolerance. SX2294 shines in Aphanomyces tolerance with strong yield and sugar numbers. Don’t count out SX2283, which topped the SBA trials across six locations, performing excellently in non-nematode conditions. SX1278N was third overall, performing above average in nematode conditions as well as in non-nematode fields.

Seedex breeder Juan Vegas (center) discusses new varieties with Seedex sales manager Dave Wishowski (left) and product manager Dan Bjur.

Amalgamated Sugar Company

Amalgamated growers know it’s not just about yield and sugar; a balanced disease package is also necessary. Growers have seen an increase in disease pressure, and Seedex breeders have answered. Balancing these disease traits with yield and sugar create stable varieties that are widely adapted for Amalgamated growers in Idaho and eastern Oregon. SX1578N has performed well for growers in the nematode segment of Amalgamated, and is an overall stable variety. If high sugar per ton is what you’re looking for, SX3584N is the answer, providing great tolerance to curly top, Rhizoctonia and rhizomania. SX3592N has proven to be very stable, with great sugar, good yield and good tolerance to rhizomania, Aphanomyces, Cercospora, nematode and root aphid. 

Seedex is dedicated to delivering high sugar purity, yield, sugar, and a well-balanced disease package in its varieties. Seedex encourages diversity in grower portfolios, and believes producers can spread their risk by planting a Seedex variety on their farms.