Planting Equipment Buyers’ Guide

Published online: Nov 09, 2021 Feature, New Products
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This buyers' guide appears in the November/December 2021 issue of Sugar Producer.

Ag-Vantage, Inc.

(208) 670-1041


The Culti-Diker forms small, precise waterretaining pockets, which are large enough to catch moderate amounts of water but small enough not to interfere with future field operations. It is a medium-duty water conservation tool designed to be mounted directly onto row crop cultivators, planters, grain drills and various tool bars. The Culti-Diker saves growers time and money by eliminating multiple field passes, thus making the capital investment more cost effective. It is a proven water conservation tool when used in sugarbeets, corn, beans, potatoes and grains. 

The Culti-Diker line is available in different models—ST, NX and MAX—to meet any operation’s individual needs. 


Monosem, Inc.

(913) 438-1700

Monosem Narrow-Fold Planters

When the window to plant sugarbeets narrows in the spring, growers need to make the most of their time. Monosem is now using the NG+ four-row unit paired with the Bauer toolbar to provide large-frame, narrow-fold configurations. The 24-row, 22-inch configuration comes with a 100-bushel central fill system, as well as an optional 400-gallon liquid fertilizer tank. The planter is easily folded to an approximately 15-foot transport width to make transporting to the next field easier. 

Another advancement in technology for Monosem is the ability to add SeedStar2 to the planter. It is now easier than ever to change seeding rates, or plant map-based prescriptions with a Monosem planter, as well as connecting with John Deere Operations Center


Desert Sunset Ag

(208) 339-1855

Little Diker

The Little Diker is a versatile conservation tool that creates small pockets or dams, which prevent wind and water erosion in row crops or flat planting. It can be mounted to most row crop planters, such as the JD Max or Monosem vacuum planters, as well as grain drills and cultivators. The Little Diker has been shown to improve stand, emergence and yield in sugarbeets, corn, beans and wheat/ small grains crops. A simple mechanical design mounts between planter units on row spacings as narrow as 20 inches. Built in Boise, Idaho, by American Craftsman, the Little Diker will provide a substantial return on every grower’s investment.


Parma Company

(208) 722-5116

Parma High-Speed Disc

The High-Speed Disc is specifically designed to enable various results of primary tillage disking. Front 600/50-22.5 flotation tires in combination with the rear roller provide precise depth control for high-speed/shallow or slower-speed/deep disking. Front and rear rows of individual, 24- inch notched disc blades spaced at 10 inches are independently mounted on maintenance-free disc hub bearings and torsion spring-cushioned shanks. The distinct working action of each disc helps maintain a thorough and even disking result across the working width at the selected speeds. The separately controlled rear transport axle with 15-inch tires and the front tongue create a unique dual-action float or raise mechanism for complete lifting control at all times.

Parma’s High-Speed Disc is presently available in rigid widths of 14 to 21 feet and a wide variety of rear roller configurations including Crowfoot, packer rings, welded basket or pipe roller. Horsepower requirements for optimum highspeed performance are 15 to 20 horsepower per foot.


Amity Technology

(701) 232-4199

Section Control for Air Seed Carts

Section control is available for new orders of Amity’s 3800 and 5250 air carts, providing growers with the ability to greatly reduce overlap in seed and fertilizer application. Designed to maximize benefits while simplifying use, Amity section control offers four sections and can meter up to three dry products. It supports both single and double chutes, and provides the capability to deliver all three products to the same opener. It also features turn compensation for improved rate control.

The Amity system utilizes electric drives and individual meters for on/off control, as well as speed control, in contrast to hydraulic drive systems with on/off gates that are generally slower and can cause excess material to dump into the system when opened. This is a particularly significant advantage with small and higher-priced seeds.

Section control retrofits for existing Amity air carts in the field will also be available in the near future