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Published online: Nov 17, 2021 News
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This update appears in the November/December 2021 issue of Sugar Producer.

Maribo Seed has been a global player in the sugarbeet seed industry for more than a century. Over the past several years, Maribo has directed more or its attention to the U.S. market, developing hybrids with key attributes required by American growers. The company is currently trialing in several U.S. growing regions with new hybrids developed for Michigan Sugar and American Crystal Sugar Company—based on approvals.

Michigan Sugar

Maribo is offering a new nematode hybrid, MA921NT (based on OVT approvals), for 2022. MA921NT offers exceptional sugar content with a solid disease package and competitive yield. Maribo will also have three hybrids—MA709, MA813NT and MA814—that offer excellent Cercospora tolerance with great revenue potential as it focuses of maximizing sugar content while maintaining key disease attributes.

American Crystal

Maribo brings three competitive hybrids to American Crystal’s growers for 2022. MA717 has performed very well in both the OVTs and in the field. This variety offers a nice balance of both yield and sugar with a good disease package. MA902 brings excellent yield, supported with a solid disease package and improved tolerance to Fusarium. MA504 offers high yield potential with a history of good field performance.