I-Feeder Improves Production with Precision Chemigation

Published online: Aug 31, 2021 New Products
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I-Feeder Technologies has grown to fill the need for both software and hardware in an integrated precision application. Previously, the intelligence behind precision application, in terms of recommendations and measurements, was a separate operation to that of the actual physical application injection, and measurement. For the first time, a true OEM has built it in a single ecosystem, allowing total control at a single point.

“As a brand, I-Feeder has a simple vision: to be the market leader where it comes to the supply of dosing systems,” says Johan van Zyl, CEO of the 40-year-old brand. “We want to achieve this without ever losing the enjoyment in what we do or the ethics we apply day to day to achieve this.”

There is an ongoing global food security challenge—by 2050, it’s estimated that the world will need to be able to feed 10 billion people. Over-fertilization combined with a constant increase of consumption results in reduced profits, as well as increased water and air pollution. Now more than ever, the ag industry needs control, efficiency, reliability, sustainability and technology.

Fertilizers can account for between 30 and 70 percent of total farm yield. Farmers cannot afford to stake their success on estimations. They need access to advanced precision tools to secure their businesses and provide healthy food for generations to come.

Technological improvements have made it possible for farmers to match plant nutrition application to the precise requirements of the crops on a foot-by-foot basis. With chemigation and fertigation, the farmer controls the timing and the rate, maximizing input efficiency while minimizing risk, contamination, labor and time. It’s a win for both the farmer’s yield and the environment.

There is a strong connection between chemigation, fertigation and irrigation, the goal being for each plant to receive a uniform quantity of water and additive. Uniformity of application is the essential factor in successful fertigation and chemigation. Groundwater contamination is a big consideration in this regard, and is less likely with fertigation because less fertilizer is applied at any given time and the application can correspond to peak crop requirements.

The I-Feeder Technologies dosing system offers growers many advantages, including pinpoint accuracy; durability; economic savings; flexibility against outside influences such as pressure and water flow variations; easy maintenance; ease of use; and the ability to run dry with no sensitivity to impurities and granules.

Choosing the right size dosing system has never been simpler. With an experienced technical team, I-Feeder collects information such as volume of product to be dosed, maximum operating pressure and product to be dosed. However, each system is capable of dosing from 20 100 percent of its capacity with 100 percent accuracy.

The I-Feeder fertigation system is supplied as turnkey, meaning no additional sourcing is required and correct installation is ensured.

As an OEM since 2007, I-Feeder has made it a top priority to manufacture lightweight, strong and durable equipment. Its gearing is CNC-machined from special steel to ensure longevity even under the most trying conditions.

To learn more about I-Feeder equipment, visit www.ifdrtech.com.