Built to Stand the Test of Time

Published online: Aug 11, 2021 Feature, New Products
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This article appears in the August 2021 issue of Potato Grower.

The demands of today’s farms never let up. The daily grind requires commitment from you and your equipment. Trinity Trailer has made a name for itself in the agriculture industry by combining time-tested manufacturing practices with innovative technology to deliver the best value for its customers. Trinity takes pride in consistently saving customers time and money by hauling potatoes more efficiently at lower costs.

Trinity in the Potato Industry

As a farmer, you know your job better than anyone else. Growing, hauling and transporting take time, knowledge and energy. You put in hard work to ensure your business grows. That means long hours, extensive research and countless investments into your operation. A major part of those investments is equipment, which needs to work as hard as you do. Trinity designs its products to ensure maximum success in hauling farmers’ bulk commodities.

The Original Belt Trailer

In 1975, Trinity pioneered the self-unloading belt trailer. The patented chain-and-flap assembly runs the length of the trailer, seamlessly gripping and smoothly offloading products. For potatoes, that means less bruising and faster unloads. Potatoes are among the most fragile commodities, and Trinity belt trailers can be configured to ensure proper handling. Engineers work with customers to customize each trailer to meet individual needs and fit specific operations.

Frameless Design

Trinity belt trailers’ frameless design is unique; the body of the trailer is suspended from the top rails. That gives the trailer flexibility to withstand rugged terrain. Unlike heavier, rigid aluminum-framed trailers, they can flex up to 18 degrees on each side for a total flex of 36 degrees. Under a full load, Trinity belt trailers excel in the most demanding environments. Whether in the field or on the road, growers trust a Trinity to get the job done.

Belt Trailer Solutions

Trinity tailors each trailer to meet the needs of the operation. Their team works with each grower to choose options best suited to their workload. But what truly makes Trinity different is the engineering: A unique bridge design, corrosion-resistant stainless steel, and hundreds of little things that add up to make a big difference. For example, Trinity’s EagleBridge self-unloading belt trailer is the company’s most popular option for hauling bulk commodities, including potatoes. Customizable with five distinct door options and dozens of configurations, the EagleBridge has a resale value that’s higher than any other self-unloading belt trailer on the market, giving owners the best possible long-term ROI.

The Trinity Advantage

When compared with other options, Trinity’s self-unloading belt trailers have the following distinct advantages in day-to-day operations:

  • Stainless steel

Trinity trailers are built with high-quality stainless steel as a standard feature. Stainless steel extends the life of the trailer by allowing it to flex, unlike aluminum. It also offers the highest level of corrosion resistance when compared to other metals. This means the farm business will get many years of use from its Trinity belt trailer. More time on the road and in the field means greater value to each operation.

  • Lighter weight

The frameless design allows standard height Trinity belt trailers to weigh less—even with the 16-gauge stainless steel construction—than other trailers. Lighter weight means you can haul more in a single load.

  • Easier cleaning

Trinity belt trailers come standard with ultra-high molecular weight plastic side and floor liners. Load materials move easily toward the conveyor belt to unload smoothly and quickly. This makes cleanout easier and saves time. Plus, materials won’t stick under the side or front sheeting, which eliminates cross-contamination between hauls.

  • Durability and stability

The strength and flexibility inherent in the frameless design mean Trinity belt trailers are more durable and stable than other trailers—critical attributes when operating in difficult terrain.

  • Higher ROI

Each Trinity belt trailer is designed from the ground up to meet the unique needs of each operation. Made from the highest-quality materials, your investment is easier to maintain, has less downtime, and lasts longer than other belt trailers on the market.

  • Customization

Not all trailer options are created equal. With Trinity trailers, each operation is unique in how it functions. Trinity goes the extra mile to ensure your trailer is outfitted with exactly what your business needs. For wider belts, spud bumps can be added to reduce surging and bruising. Insulation options are also available for cold weather applications. Belt width, suspension, unload systems; whatever you need, Trinity can outfit you. No two operations are the same, so they provide customization to maximize your investment.

  • In-house financing

Trinity offers the most flexible belt trailers on the market and equally flexible financing options, no matter your budget or the size of your business. You deserve the best equipment for your operation. Equipment, part, or trailer financing can mean added tax benefits, lower initial investments, and the freedom to find a solution that fits your budget and timeline. Trinity Capital makes financing easy. They know hauling commodities is hard work, so they make sure financing your trailer isn’t. Visit www.mytrinitycapital.com to learn more about Trinity’s financing options.

The Last Word

Trinity has partnered with potato farmers and haulers since they opened their doors 46 years ago. With thousands of Trinity belt trailers all over the U.S. and beyond, they have many loyal customers who know the value and benefits of their products. Trinity builds belt trailers that are trusted, proven, and hardworking. They understand there is no room for shortcuts in your business, and being able to trust your trailer to do the job is crucial. That’s why Trinity builds belt trailers that are flexible, reliable and durable—everything a modern farmer needs. Dollar for dollar, Trinity trailers are smart investments for your operation.

Customize your Trinity at www.trinitytrailer.com, or give them a call at (800) 235-6577.