New Smart Soil Technology for Kuhn Krause Excelerator XT 8010

Published online: Jun 09, 2021 New Products, News
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Kuhn North America, Inc. introduces Smart Soil Technology for the Kuhn Krause Excelerator XT 8010. Available as an option on all folding models (20-, 25-, 30-, 34- and 40-foot), this ISOBUS system revolutionizes the way operators control their Excelerator vertical tillage system.

Smart Soil Technology provides electronic adjustment of machine depth, front and rear gang angle, wing down pressure, Star Wheel pressure and front/rear leveling from any compatible ISOBUS display. Operators can store favorite settings for all functions using eight customizable presets and then quickly switch between them during operation. A preset-only mode can be used where the customer wishes to limit the operator’s ability to adjust the machine between predetermined settings.

Although adjustments are made from the display, lifting and lowering the machine for end row turns is still carried out using the tractor SCV for maximum operator comfort. Redundant sensors are fitted to gang angle and depth circuits for backup in case of failure, and a machine equipped with Smart Soil Technology can always be converted back to manual mode, so an electronics failure will not result in a machine down situation.

Smart Soil Technology is AEF-certified and can be found in the online AEF database. This database allows customers to verify compatibility of ISOBUS functions between the machine and the terminal to be used, ensuring a true plug-and-play solution regardless of tractor brand, and with no additional compatibility hardware required.

The Smart Soil Technology system is available as an option on all new Excelerator orders with intended season of use for spring tillage 2022.

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