New Product: Kuhn Krause Gladiator 1210

Published online: Jun 07, 2021 New Products
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Kuhn North America introduces the new ST-PRO II strip-till row unit with features aimed at improving the performance and user comfort of the industry-leading Kuhn Krause Gladiator.

The new ST-PRO II row units feature a simplified method of adjusting coulter alignment when correcting machine tracking issues. With just two bolts, the coulter spindle can be set to one of three positions: one degree left, one degree right or zero degrees (straight ahead). In this way, the coulters are used to steer the machine and keep it running directly behind the tractor.

Units equipped with Montag dry fertilizer systems benefit from a new row unit frame design, which routes the air exhaust and fertilizer dust down the back of the shank and is blown down into the soil for added nutrient retention and decreased equipment corrosion.

The ST-PRO II is equipped with a new chain mounting system, which allows the end links to pivot and so evens up wear across the length of the chain, extending service life. With 50 percent fewer bolts holding the chains to the reel, chains are also faster than ever to replace.

Sometimes it is necessary to keep going, even in less than ideal conditions. The Strik’R conditioner reel on the ST-PRO has a well-earned reputation for running plug-free in wet soil. The ST-PRO II builds on this, and the gaps between the tabs on the reel end plates have been closed up reducing the tendency for mud to pack inside the end plates, further extending the weather window in which these machines can run and making machine cleanup easier.

The ST-PRO II retains all the great features of its predecessor, such as wrenchless adjustments and zero daily maintenance. The Strik’R conditioning reel maintains a good berm and actively crushes clods while shedding soil to create a uniform seedbed without plugging. Working depth range is 6 to 12 inches, adjustable in 1-inch increments. Dry, liquid or anhydrous fertilizer can be placed in the strip with the ability to mix and match any two products.

The new Kuhn Krause Gladiator 1210 with ST-PRO II row units are available to order as of June 1 with intended use for spring 2022.

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