New Product: Sprayer Calibrator Model SC-2 from Innoquest

Published online: May 18, 2021 New Products
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Innoquest Inc., a designer and manufacturer of precision meters for the agriculture industry, has released the SpotOn Sprayer Calibrator Model SC-2. Set to replace SpotOn’s flagship product, the Sprayer Calibrator Model SC-1, the SC-2 is sure to impress both new and established users with its advanced features and improved functionality. It is now available for purchase via dealers and distributors worldwide with a U.S. list price of $179.

Why Sprayer Calibration Is Important

A sprayer’s optimal performance, consistency and accuracy rely on precise calibration. Without it, over- or under-application of chemicals can occur. This is a costly mistake that can lead to damaged crops. Identifying worn spray nozzle tips will improve spraying efficiency, leveraging a sprayer’s performance. The SC-2 is a one-of-a-kind tool that provides accurate readings in 10 seconds per tip. With this data, users can make any necessary adjustments. Industry guidelines recommend tip replacement once the flow rate exceeds that of the new tip by 10 percent. Additionally, accurately measuring true tip flow rate is now a prerequisite as today’s high-tech sprayers can only be properly calibrated and confirmed with this knowledge.

What’s New

The SC-2 is suitable to measure flow rates of up to 2.25 gallons per minute, up from its predecessor’s 1-gallon-per-minute capacity with increased accuracy to +/- 2 percent. It now calculates tip wear in percentage and application rate in GPA/LPH and provides reliable readings quickly without the need for manual calculations or downloading of an app. Once the user has entered speed and nozzle spacing, the unit will automatically calculate:

  • Tip flow rate in gallons per minute, liters per minute, and ounces per minute
  • Tip wear in percentage
  • Application rate in gallons per acre and liters per hectare

“Our goal was to add features that benefit every user of our industry-leading handheld sprayer calibrator,” says Innoquest president Bill Hughes. “The SC-2 accomplishes this without sacrificing our hallmark ultra-simple operation.”

Having a durable and accurate meter like the SC-2 to easily calibrate sprayers saves time and money for any sprayer operation.
The SpotOn Sprayer Calibrator Model SC-2 is manufactured in the U.S. and comes with a one-year warranty. For more details, including where to make a purchase, click here.

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