New Book by Former Ag Secretary Glickman

Published online: May 12, 2021 New Products, News
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On June 8, the University Press of Kansas will release Laughing at Myself: My Education in Congress, on the Farm, and at the Movies, by former U.S. secretary of agriculture Dan Glickman. In his new book, Glickman tells his story of a classical family background, religious heritage and “Midwestern-nice” roots, and how it all led to a long and successful career in public office. 

Now 78 and newly retired from the Aspen Institute, Glickman combines his sense of humor with serious reflection on his rise from the middle of nowhere to becoming a successful U.S. politician and the first Jewish secretary of agriculture. A religious man that cherishes his strong family ties, Glickman shares the lessons he has learned about success, compromise and staying true to yourself — even when stepping into the shoes of the most powerful political figure on Earth (a chapter in the book and his recounting of the 1997 presidential inauguration, when he was chosen as designated survivor). 

Highlights of Laughing at Myself include:

  • Growing up Jewish in 1950s Kansas
  • Glickman’s secrets to success: a willingness to listen, an ability to communicate ideas, and a gift for compromise
  • Tricks of the trade he learned over the years, which will inform and enlighten Americans and help aspiring politicians
  • His belief that the toxicity seen in current political culture and public discourse can be mitigated by the principles that have guided his life: a strong sense of humor and the ability to laugh at himself, respect and civility for those who have different points of view, and a belief system founded onn values based on the Golden Rule and a steadfast commitment to solve problems rather than create irreconcilable conflicts
  • His years working in the agriculture, nutrition and food industry

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