New Product: Unverferth Raptor Strip-Till Tool

Published online: Apr 08, 2021 New Products
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When it comes to strip-tillage products, Unverferth has led the industry in innovation since the early 1990s with deep-tillage products such as its Zone-Builder and Ripper-Stripper tools. With evolving farming practices, technology and increased demand for in-row fertilizer placement, the company announces the introduction of the Raptor strip-tillage tool. This versatile tool tills a strip of soil for planting while leaving between-row residue intact to help increase organic matter and sequester carbon. 

The Raptor strip-till tool features TerrainPro row units with independent depth control to optimally follow soil terrain for creating the ideal seedbed in six stages:

  1. The leading swivel coulter with 20-inch blade features 1,500 pounds of down pressure to cut through the heaviest residue. 
  2. The free-floating row cleaners with curved finger design help clear residue from the strip. 
  3. The centrally mounted crowfoot-style wheel maintains row unit depth independently from row to row. 
  4. The tillage shank precisely tills the soil from 6 to 12 inches deep to manage root zone hardpan. Shanks feature 2¼-inch cast points and integrated 1½-inch wear bars for long-term, trouble-free use. Model 2030 features spring-cushioned auto-reset shanks with 2,000 pounds of point-load pressure, and Model 2015 offers shear-bolt protected shanks with 5,000 pounds of shear pressure.
  5. To create the seedbed, 18-inch notched concave closing coulters are mounted on each side of the shank to keep the soil in the strip. They feature tool-free down pressure, width and angle adjustability to fine-tune the seedbed finish.
  6. Standard trailing crowfoot-style conditioning wheels break up clods, condition the strip. The unique self-cleaning design prevents plugging with rocks, mud or other debris. Other conditioning options include 15-inch rolling harrow baskets for additional tillage or 15-inch rubber press wheels for added soil firming. 

Raptor strip-till tools are available in pull-type 12 or 16 row models with 30-inch spacings; or three-point mounted units in six-, eight- and 12-row models with 30-, 36- or 38-inch row spacings. Pull-type models are constructed with a heavy-duty 7×7-inch toolbar for reliability and feature a narrow folded width of 13 feet, 6 inches for easier transport and storage. The toolbar features 15 degrees of upward and 5 degrees of downward flex to follow uneven terrain.  Mounted three-point MT models are manufactured with heavy-duty double-wall steel with a 6×6-inch rear mounting bar for long-term operation. A flex-frame is available as an option for 12-row three-point MT models.

Pull-type models can be equipped with liquid or dry fertilizer distribution systems for the ultimate one-pass tillage solution. LT models feature a 1,200-gallon liquid tank with 50-gallon sump for keeping the pump primed on side hills. DT models feature dual, 6-ton dry fertilizer tanks for single or dual material distribution. The rearward positioning of the tanks allows enhanced visibility of the TerrainPro row units from the tractor cab. Both feature ISOBUS rate control that provides easy operation from the tractor’s virtual terminal and can be used with section control to automatically apply pre-loaded field fertilizer prescriptions. Mounted three-point units can also be equipped with optional liquid or dry fertilizer shank attachments with a rear hitch for pulling a fertilizer caddy.

Further details can be found at or, or by calling Unverferth Mfg. Co., Inc. at (419) 532-3121.