Art’s Way Introduces Robust New Equipment

Published online: Apr 09, 2021 New Products
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Operators trust Art’s Way Manufacturing equipment to live up to its tagline: “How Work Gets Done.” That’s why the company is constantly evolving its products to be stronger, smarter and more efficient. New enhancements on Art’s Way X Series manure spreaders and the 9016-HD high dump cart were designed for intuitive operation and built for powerful performance.

X Series Manure Spreaders

Operators who do the tough jobs want to make sure those jobs are done right the first time. Recent improvements to Art’s Way X Series manure spreaders help them do just that. Top features include:

  • ISOBUS-compatible rate control system. This gives operators real-time control to adjust application rates and gate height on the go. The exclusive system by Raven Industries Inc. makes it easy to produce readouts, which are designed to fulfill the increasing need for application documentation.
  • Choice of box sizes, ranging from 500 to 900 cubic feet heaped capacity to meet the needs of a variety of operations. The X500 has a single axle, straight sides and a single apron drive gearbox. The X700 and X900 have tandem axles, dual drive gearboxes and flared sides.
  • Unique vertical beater placement, which sends out a consistent spread behind the machine, reducing the chance of clumps or dead spots when hauling a load. The vertical beaters are removable, making it possible to haul forage, silage, snow, compost and hay by simply removing eight bolts and disengaging the driveline.
  • Flared sides that provide a base for the bucket and a lower loading height. They also deliver extra capacity and prevent spillage compared to competitive spreaders with straight sides.
  • Dependable protection and peace of mind that come with the X Series’ limited lifetime apron chain warranty. This plan with will repair or replace any defective link or section at no cost for the original purchaser.

“Our X Series manure spreaders are built tough to handle just about anything,” says Art’s Way engineer Izac Roberts. “These time-tested machines have seen some pretty serious upgrades to offer the edge when it matters most. And if that isn’t enough, we have a limited lifetime warranty on important components, like our apron chain.”

9016-HD High Dump Cart

The Art’s Way 9016-HD high dump cart can be pulled along a harvester to collect sugarbeets, forage, peanuts, corn, soybeans, hemp and more, making it ideal for any operation. Top features include:

  • Lift capacity able to lift and unload 40,000 pounds — 10,000 pounds more than the competition. The massive undercarriage and counterweight establish a wide-stance stability, eliminating worry in the unloading process. Adjustable axles ensure proper weight distribution.
  • Versatility: The 9016-HD converts from a right to left dumping machine in a matter of hours. The optional weigh scale system allows operators to easily monitor their loads.
  • Exterior frame that eliminates the chance of materials getting stuck inside the smooth interior.
  • Excellent maneuverability that provides accessibility where semi-truck hauling is sometimes impossible thanks to two-wheel design. Its hitch rotation allows for smooth transport to conquer rough terrain, and flotation tires help prevent soil compaction.

These robust, industrial features benefit operators.

“The new 9016-HD is our biggest one yet, with a capacity of 40,000 pounds,” says Art’s Way CEO David King. “For comparison, our nearest competitor only has a 30,000-pound capacity. And with frame on the outside, there’s no ‘ribcage’ on the inside to trap materials. The result is a reliable, versatile, high-performing powerhouse.”

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