New Product: VAM WaterTech Water Purification Systems

Published online: Feb 11, 2021 New Products, News
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VAM WaterTech products offer a wide scale of purification techniques that create a solution, tailored to the crop and the specific needs of each business. VAM WaterTech can build machines modularly from a purification level within set standards up to 100 percent purification. The systems can be set up for small to large businesses, with the possibility of additional modules to remotely track and control, for example, the water parameters.

VAM WaterTech understands the different requirements, and they offer solutions for potatoes, root vegetables, carrots and hard fruits. To ensure continuity in each business’s processes, the service department is on standby to carry out maintenance.

Processing steps in water purification

VAM WaterTech water purification systems consist of a closed-cycle process, which allows users to save up to 95 percent on process water use, and can purify the product up to 100 percent.