New Product: EnviroMonitor Frost Forecasting

Published online: Feb 26, 2021 New Products
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EnviroMonitor, a field monitoring platform from Davis Instruments, can warn of potential frost events and send an alarm email or text message to any farmer or designated team member based on crop- and location-specific threshold with

The Davis Mobilize App includes a dedicated frost report, which converts in-field data to clear, actionable information. Benefits include:

  • Temperature forecasting
  • Estimated time of frost
  • Estimated duration of frost
  • Future frost outlook
  • Early warning and frost threshold real-time alerts
  • Receipt of real-time warnings you need to respond to changing conditions and make timely decisions

The Davis Mobilize App and connect users to their weather data from Davis and third-party sensors with an intuitive interface to easily get forecast frost, track chill hours and growing degree days, measure soil moisture, monitor flow meters, and much more. With EnviroMonitor in your field and Mobilize in your pocket, you will receive the real-time data you need to respond to changing conditions and make timely decisions.

It all starts with weather. Connect a Davis weather station to the Gateway to get all the benefits of complete weather monitoring. These rugged, low-maintenance sensor suites measure temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction, rainfall and rain rate, solar radiation and barometric pressure.

Davis Instruments has made it easy to get started with its EnviroMonitor bundles. Customers can simply choose the bundle that includes an EnviroMonitor Gateway with their preferred communication type (cellular or wi-fi/ethernet). Then, additional EnviroMonitor Nodes and sensors can be added across farm fields as desired.

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