New Product: BioSafe Systems CalOx FT

Published online: Feb 05, 2021 New Products
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New from BioSafe Systems, CalOx FT is an advanced liquid nutritional and crop enhancement product for a wide range of agricultural and horticultural crops, including sugarbeets. The unique patented CaT technology in CalOx FT improves calcium mobility and distribution beyond traditionally applied calcium products to support better crop health and performance.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Improves calcium mobility with more uniform distribution
  • Systemic response with elevated calcium concentrations in cells
  • Reduces calcium disorders
  • Optimizes overall plant growth and development, plus bolsters yield and quality
  • Provides better storage and shelf life
  • Tank-mix compatible with most used pesticides and adjuvants

CaT Technology: Calcium Mobility

Calcium typically moves in tissues via the apoplastic pathway, where water moves between cells, or through cell walls, but does not enter the cell membrane. When movement via the apoplastic flow is limited due to low transpiration, calcium mobility and distribution are hindered. CalOx FT opens the symplastic pathway by stimulating selective ion transport channels in membranes, allowing calcium to enter the cell membrane and move directly through cells.

As such, this increases the calcium concentration within cells and improves localized calcium movement. The biostimulant component promotes a systemic signaling cascade, which results in cellular calcium influx throughout the plant. Essentially, the patented CaT Technology in CalOx FT unlocks an alternate and more effective pathway for calcium to move within the plant, thus optimizing plant growth and development.

Calcium Movement Imaging

A university study was conducted to showcase the CaT Technology inside CalOx FT. One plant received calcium nitrate standalone, while a second plant received CalOx FT. Both treatments were applied to a single leaf. The control, calcium nitrate standalone, had a slight increase of calcium concentration at application site. The CalOx FT-treated plant showed a rapid elevation in calcium concentration, followed by a systemic increase in untreated leaves.

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