New Product: Biome Makers Predictive Technology

Published online: Feb 04, 2021 New Products, News
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Biome Makers, a soil health innovator, invites farmers, agronomists, manufacturers and research institutions to explore how the company’s technology is enabling global sustainable farming. The proprietary technology enhances farming by prediction of disease threats as early as prior to planting, allowing for targeted prevention methods that enable less reliance on chemical treatments and create an opportunity for more sustainable approaches to crop disease prevention.

With the growing Biome Maker database of soils from regions worldwide, comprehensive data related to biodiversity, health and nutrition synthesis pathways for every crop is offered through BeCrop and Gheom. These neural biocomputing solutions utilize the most advanced technology for functional soil analysis, combining DNA sequencing and intelligent computing. BeCrop Smart Agriculture offers soil analysis along with GIS map layers, microbial population tools and other integrations. Gheom crop input testing protocol specifically helps manufacturers of biofertilizer and other crop inputs to validate marketing claims based on soil microbiome effect.

Biome Makers’ technology offers multiple benefits:

  • Enhances farming by prediction of disease threats — Calculated based on the abundance of the pathogens in soil samples that can cause disease, along with the ecological relationships of the pathogen with other microorganisms in the sample, i.e., biocontrol species.
  • Predicts issues as early as prior to planting — Soil samples can be analyzed at any time, including prior to planting to assess the relationship of the existing soil microbiome with the type of crop to be planted.
  • Allows for targeted prevention — Many diseases/deficiencies have similar symptoms but require different treatment strategies. Biome Makers’ analysis precisely identifies the species causing the problem, enabling precise, accurate and timely treatment.
  • Enables less reliance on chemical treatments — Biome Makers’ technology helps adjust pest management programs by knowing which soil-borne pathogens are present and those that are not at any given point.
  • Report Indexes drive sustainable approaches to disease prevention — The biocontrol index identifies low biocontrol activity to focus on increasing these species to lower disease risk. The resistance index identifies high risk for disease due to low resistance and attempts to boost soil resistance by reducing invasive practices. The health index identifies precise microorganisms posing a threat to the crop, enabling a specific pest control program for that pathogen rather than a broad-spectrum antifungal or antibacterial.

“Our goal is to recover the health of soils and create a more sustainable future by offering our technology to farmers/growers, agronomists and research institutions across the globe,” says Raoul Roverato, COO of Biome Makers. “We are also increasing accessibility through our Fields4Ever initiative, offering BeCrop tests at discounted pricing or even free.”

BeCrop and Gheom Solutions


BeCrop and Gheom provide risk indexes to preempt development of any disease threats, and guides farming practices to optimize ag input expenses while meeting the challenge of responsible and intensive agriculture.

Today’s growers and agronomists face nutrition issues, such as flatlining crop yields and pressure to reduce chemical inputs.

“The BeCrop DNA-based functional soil analysis technology decodes the web of microbial networks to calculate disease risk, plant growth hormone production, functional biodiversity, health indexes, nutrient pathways and more,” says Roverato.

Input manufacturer Sustainable Growing Solutions, LLC uses Biome Maker testing for microbe inoculant product development, production quality assurance, regulatory compliance, customer production problem identification, crop program development decision-making and program post-application performance evaluation.

A 2015 U.S. biotechnology startup, Biome Makers has become a world leader in soil microbiome analysis by DNA sequencing, developing the BeCrop and Gheom solutions. This unique set of tools connects soil biology to decision-making processes in agriculture, based on the functional analysis of soil microorganisms (bacteria and fungi). Biome Makers has two labs (one in the U.S. and one in Spain) and has been recognized by institutions and companies at the international level and serves 659 research institutions/laboratories in more than 35 countries.

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