New Product: Alloway HV-8R22 Harvester

Published online: Nov 16, 2020 New Products
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Alloway Ag introduces a new, fast, high-volume eight-row 22-inch sugarbeet harvester. This revolutionary machine has shown up to a 35 percent increase in production at a consistent 5.5 miles per hour (up to 7 miles per hour in ideal conditions) compared to competitive machines. In most cases, it outperforms 12-row harvesters.

The unique 64-inch-wide, curved scrub elevator is the widest on the market and moves up to 35 percent more sugarbeets, therefore allowing a significantly faster harvest. The HV-8R22 has proven it picks up more sugarbeets than competitors’ machines (leaving a row of black soil), putting more beets in the trucks, increasing beets-per-acre revenue. In addition, the Alloway HV-8R22 requires less tractor power than competitive machines—only a maximum of 275 horespower PTO power.

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