Common Ground

ACH Seeds continues to work closely with growers to provide what they need.

Published online: Nov 25, 2020 News
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This report appears in the November/December 2020 issue of Sugar Producer.

At ACH Seeds, “good things come from common ground.” That motto is truer today than ever before. For the 2021 crop year, ACH will be releasing numerous new hybrids along with a good supply of its field-proven hybrids throughout the U.S. These will help growers produce more sugar, period. 

ACH Seeds partners with growers and sugar company representatives and listens to their needs and challenges. After walking the fields and listening, ACH takes that information back to its breeders and production teams, who identify the best traits using the latest cutting-edge technology, such as genetic markers, along with conventional breeding methods. ACH breeders are then able to produce varieties that are second to none in the industry for disease tolerance and overall sugar production. 

After the varieties are produced, seed is processed, treated and packaged in the “gold standard” of seed processing facilities in Tangent, Ore. This attention to detail and quality assurance means only the highest-quality seed available will ever be put in ACH Seeds boxes ready to perform in growers’ fields.

ACH Seeds is proud to partner with KWS. The relationship with KWS gives ACH Seeds access to superior genetics and new traits. These advancements give sugarbeet growers the opportunity to produce more sugar on every acre by planting Crystal brand beet seed. One example of this is improved Cercospora-tolerant hybrids. These are bred with a new, proprietary source of genetic tolerance named CR+, which is available in the Michigan Sugar Co., SMBSC and Minn-Dak growing markets for 2021, pending respective sugar company approvals. In recent years, certain fields under Cercospora pressure have caused large economic losses to growers in these markets. These new hybrids are real game changers in their levels of tolerance and performance. The new CR+ trait will provide superior protection from Cercospora infection, with the potential for fewer fungicide applications during the growing season.

When growers manage their crop and are blessed with good weather, their productivity remains high, and the potential for a high-quality sugar crop is within their grasp. For more information about ACH Seeds and its portfolio of proven varieties for 2021, contact a local sales agent or visit  

ACH Seeds is once again offering the ACH Seeds Sugar Bounty Program. Growers outside the American Crystal market who have planted a Crystal brand variety in 2020 and have seen good results are invited to contact their local sales agents, or to visit to enroll in the Sugar Bounty program, which provides the opportunity to win some great prizes and to be recognized for superior sugar production.