New Product: Valley Pump Command

An intelligent, automated control solution for irrigation pumps

Published online: Oct 26, 2020 News, New Products
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Valley Irrigation has released Pump Command, a new solution for growers to automate pumping and wirelessly control irrigation pumps. The innovation helps save time and resources with wireless remote monitoring, plus control of all pumps and the ability to link them to a fleet of pivots or linears.

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“Valley Pump Command is like an easy button for your pumping,” says Andy Carritt, vice president of global product for Valley. “Just turn your pivots on, and your pump station takes care of itself. Pump Command is able to achieve that through our revolutionary intuitive pump control technology, an automatic VFD set point that automatically matches output to demand for multiple pumps and pivots. It saves growers water and energy, and conserves natural resources.” 

In addition to Intuitive Pump Control, Pump Command offers the following benefits:

  • Maximized efficiency – Save energy and water at all times by using only the pressure required
  • Time savings – Eliminate trips to the pumps
  • Cost savings – Avoid the expensive and difficult digging necessary to install wires
  • Reporting capabilities – Integration with Valley 365 and AgSense irrigation management solutions for comprehensive recordkeeping. (Additional hardware and subscription fees may be required.)
  • Flexibility – Valley offers several tiered solutions to meet growers’ specific needs.

“Not every farm is the same,” Carritt says. “Pump Command is ideal for large and small farms, with three different tiers—Basic, Enhanced and Pro—to meet the unique needs of different operations.”


  • Monitor and control up to four pivots
  • Integrates with most VFDs
  • Intuitive Pump Control
  • Integrates with Valley 365 and AgSense
  • Pump VFD controller required


  • Monitor and control an unlimited number of pivots and up to six pumps
  • Intuitive Pump Control
  • Integrates with Valley 365 and AgSense
  • Total PID Motor Control
  • Works with booster pumps
  • 7-inch touchscreen for on-premises control
  • Enhanced remote diagnostics for improved service and cloud-based support


  • Fully customizable solutions tailored to the needs of your operation.
  • Monitor and control an unlimited number of pumps, pivots and other devices, regardless of brand
  • Seamless integration with pivot networks
  • Integrates with Valley 365 and AgSense

“The water management experts at Valley work with you to understand your operation’s requirements and engineer the correct solution based on your situation,” Carritt says. “Pump Command is the latest solution demonstrating Valley continues to be the industry innovator in large part because we listen and respond to the needs of growers.”