New Product: Toro Drip Irrigation Fittings

Published online: Oct 28, 2020 New Products
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Toro announces Toro Fittings, a new line of drip irrigation fittings for drip tape, hose and dripline. This newly designed fittings offering from Toro’s agricultural business promises higher-quality construction, better connections and superior performance that growers have come to expect from Toro products.

“With our new line of fittings, growers get not only easy-to-install, superior-quality fittings in popular configurations,” says Sky Anderson, product manager for Toro, “but also revolutionary and innovative fittings, such as the new Flex Connect layflat fittings. All configurations are designed to last for the life of the system, and make installation a little easier and more flexible for the grower.”

Advantages of all Toro Fittings include:

  • Superior quality and performance
  • Easy to install with a tight seal
  • Easy-to-grip nuts and valves
  • Easy to see—bright red tape nut makes tape fittings easy to find, remove and re-use.

Advantages of Flex Connect Layflat Fittings include:

  • More spacing flexibility than hose with pre-installed fittings—perfect for non-square fields or reused layflat
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Less leaking than other layflat fittings
  • Flexible and convenient—removable fitting and seal cap enable layflat to be easily re-rolled
  • Wide range of configurations—includes valves, multiple tape nut connection options, and 5/8- and 7/8-inch drip tape IDs

Advantages of 6/8-inch ID Tape fittings include:

  • Support innovative 6/8-inch ID tape applications
  • Available in popular configurations to enable:
  • Longer runs than 5/8-inch ID tape
  • Lower cost than 7/8-inch ID tape applications
  • Only 6/8-inch fittings available in the industry

“Toro has built its legacy by understanding the needs of growers and developing quality drip irrigation products that address their needs and help them succeed,” says Ralf San Jose, director of marketing for Toro Ag Americas. “This commitment to innovation is reflected in many of our exceptional drip irrigation products, including Aqua-Traxx, FlowControl, and our new highly clog-resistant drip tape, Aqua-Traxx Azul.  We are confident that our new Toro Fittings will exceed growers’ expectations, thanks to superior quality, easy installation, tight seal and bright Toro-red tape nuts and valves.”

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