Managing Stubborn Oomycete Plant Pathogens

Published online: Oct 13, 2020 News
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Phytophthora and Pythium species are well known oomycete plant pathogens that have devastated agricultural and horticultural crops for eons since the time Anton de Bary first described Phytophthora. There are many other oomycete plant pathogen genera that cause downy mildews, rusts, and other diseases. Management strategies for all these are different, yet there are some similarities. Plant Health Progress is seeking to spotlight diseases caused by these difficult-to-manage plant pathogens and the challenges they pose to practical plant pathologists as they advance toward developing efficient techniques.

Given the recent advances in the development of new fungicides, diagnostic tools, population biology, resistant varieties, and integrated management strategies, Plant Health Progress has chosen Managing Stubborn Oomycete Plant Pathogens as the topic for its July 2021 focus issue. If you are working on related research, submit your manuscript to Plant Health Progress and indicate in Manuscript Central that you would like your manuscript to be considered for the focus issue.

All submissions for the focus issue should address original biological and practical questions that advance our conceptual knowledge of management strategies. Submissions can include diagnostic guides, short review articles that synthesize current knowledge of management strategies, development and identification of new germplasm, fungicide evaluations, population biology from a management perspective, integrated practices, diagnostic tools, and others.

Benefits to Authors

A focus issue offers authors several benefits. A single-topic issue gives scientists an opportunity to publish alongside the related work of peers to highlight progress in a focal area. This focus issue will be widely promoted and is expected to be highly cited, giving authors maximum exposure. For more information about the scope of the focus issue, please contact Shaker KousikPlant Health Progress editor-in-chief.

Submission deadline: Feb. 15, 2021