FarmVisionAI Releases Mobile App

Published online: Oct 28, 2020 New Products
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FarmVisionAI, an award-winning agriculture AI company, announces the release of its mobile app, which is designed to engage growers in-field with vision AI stress detections. The app brings FarmVisionAI’s horticulturist-trained AI to a smart phone platform that can be used while scouting plants and walking the farm. Location-specific information allows the grower and FarmVisionAI to validate detections and supplement imagery with close-up pictures taken with the phone’s camera. The grower’s pictures are geo-tagged to the location and show up in the desktop application that displays the field in a Google Earth-style visualization. Notes, recommendations and actions can be added to the imagery to add value and highlight what is happening and what needs to be done.

“Growing at scale can be extremely complex,” says Mark McDevitt, FarmVisionAI horticulture science leader. “The ability for FarmVisionAI users to capture images of specific issues through the mobile app is huge. First, pictures are securely stored and organized in the FarmVisionAI system instead of growers’ phones. Second, it allows for analysis and diagnosis from individuals from anywhere in the world. And third, it’s a repository for intellectual property in the form of visually based growing knowledge, specific to that site, that can be used for training, benchmarking and SOPs.”

The FarmVisionAI mobile application, combined with the Starter-Kit and award-winning web application, gives farmers an easy way to experiment and learn how artificial intelligence can help make farming more productive and profitable.

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