Valley Acquires PrecisionKing

Published online: Aug 04, 2020 New Products, News
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Valley Irrigation has acquired PrecisionKing, a  Mississippi-based ag tech company with products focused on moisture monitoring, pump control and remote sensing, especially of flood irrigation.

“We are excited about this acquisition for many reasons,” says Darren Siekman, vice president of water delivery and business development for Valley. “It strengthens our footprint in the Mississippi Delta region and brings additional, talented team members on board. It opens additional doors into other methods of irrigation, such as flood. And it further expands our industry-best network of connected devices.”

Founded in 2014, PrecisionKing offers products including DecisionKing (moisture monitoring), PumpKing (remote pump control), RiceKing (water level monitoring), PivotKing (remote pivot control) and ClimateKing (weather monitoring).

“We are very excited for this opportunity,” says Daniel Cole, partner in PrecisionKing. “Valley is the industry leader in sales, service and technology, and we would not have made any move that we didn’t think would benefit our customers in the long term. Aligning with the global strength of the Valley brand will enable us to better serve growers in the Delta region and beyond, while keeping the local touch that they’re used to.”

“It’s increasingly clear that the future of farming is technolog,” says Andy Carritt, Valley vice president of global product and AgSense GM. “Growers demand smart solutions that help them produce more with less, and that improve their quality of life. Valley recently surpassed 100,000 grower devices connected to the internet, which leads the industry, meaning more growers are trusting the efficiencies that technology provides. It also means more growers trust Valley to deliver the most advanced, reliable technological solutions on the market.” 

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