New Product: FieldMicro SmartFarm Platform

Published online: Jul 06, 2020 New Products
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FieldMicro is an innovative automated agriculture and farm control monitoring system including SmartFarm, a platform that uses smart technology to make farming simpler and more efficient. Whether farming crops or livestock, a farmer’s most important asset is his or her time. FieldMicro’s wide array of innovative products and world-class design will allow farmers to work smarter, not harder. FieldMicro has also announced a partnership with John Deere to provide real-time data to the platform.

FieldMicro brings the “smart revolution” to the farm, allowing farmers to have unprecedented control of their systems and hardware, all at the press of a button.

“We are proud to introduce FieldMicro, which allows crop and livestock farmers to upgrade their farms and utilize the latest smart technology to enhance their operations to save time and money,” says Mitch Brownlie, CEO of FieldMicro. “With an amazing array of features and technologies not previously available to farmers, FieldMicro is poised to reinvent farm management and finally bring farming into the 21st  century.”

Customers pre-ordering FieldMicro can receive an early adopter discount, up to 50 percent off, by visiting   


FieldMicro’s SmartFarm is powered by FieldBot, a portable remote-control device that connects to farm equipment and hardware. FieldBots are equipped with a built-in solar panel, an HD camera and sensors that monitor temperature, air pressure, humidity, motion, sound and more. Easy to set up and use within minutes, FieldBot controls connected farm hardware, on-farm assets and infrastructure, and is compatible with most current equipment. Use examples include livestock monitoring and control, controlling farm gates, water troughs, winches, irrigation gates, rain gauges and any other items that are actuated, such as turning a pump on or off.

FieldBot includes a 640×480p HD camera to take still images and a microphone for listening. The smart device provides atmospheric/environmental monitoring, GPS positioning, heat/flame detection and motion tracking. Farmers can install as many Fieldbots as their farm requires and control them all from the SmartFarm Platform; on their smartphone, tablet or computer to easily monitor, activate or notify based on inputs from the FieldBot’s array of sensors. FieldBot’s capabilities are limited only by the user’s imagination and are designed to be flexible, user-friendly and simple.


FieldMicro’s cloud-based SmartFarm platform is the control center for FieldBot and provides real-time monitoring, infrastructure automation, satellite imagery and greater insights into farm operations. The online platform allows farmers to see and hear what their FieldBots see and hear.

SmartFarm allows users to control their infrastructure at the click of a button, anywhere, any time. Users can control their irrigation systems, switch valves, open gates, monitor tank and moisture levels, view real-time footage, listen to real-time audio, and shut down pumps from their operations center. As the system is based in the cloud, users can now control their farm from anywhere in the world. SmartFarm features a mobile app and desktop control and a custom user interface to make the platform as intuitive as possible.

SmartFarm’s central satellite display shows each FieldBot’s location, with the ability to pull additional overlays right onto a farm map. Satellite imagery includes the option of short-wave infrared, showing hidden sources of moisture, heat or other biological, geological and man-made material. SmartFarm is designed to be easy and intuitive to use. It displays an array of weather and environmental data from third-party providers. Users can also access live imagery and sound from their FieldBot’s HD camera and microphone, as well as all the passive data from the FieldBot units such as temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure. With the ability to easily download historical data, farmers can leverage the information collected by your FieldBots to confidently make current and future business decisions. 

The SmartFarm platform allows users to set rules for each FieldBot, or for multiple FieldBots acting together as a node network. Rules can be set for any piece of equipment connected to a FieldBot, which in turn can activate another piece of equipment connected to a different FieldBot. For example, a FieldBot can be set up at the foot of a crop being irrigated; if or when FieldBot senses water, it will execute the user set rules, which in this case would be to instruct a different FieldBot to turn off its connected irrigation pump, and alert the SmartFarm user to the fact.

John Deere

FieldMicro has partnered with John Deere to provide real-time data direct to the SmartFarm platform, providing greater insight into the operations and service history of farmers’ tractors and equipment. Users will be able to see the location and other live data from compatible John Deere machines in real time on the SmartFarm platform. Available information includes vehicle details such as fuel, oil and hydraulic levels, and much more. Instructions can also be sent from the SmartFarm platform to the machines.

SmartFarm will display the past use and coverage of compatible John Deere equipment and a color-coded overlay map to show farmers if they are driving too slowly or too fast.

The SmartFarm location history also allows users to view the path traveled by a machine over a 24-hour period over the previous 60 days, with location, ground speed, heading and machine state information.

Farmers can access their John Deere machine remotely to resolve issues or make changes without making a trip to the field. They can view what the equipment is doing and where, including fuel usage, while protecting the machines with geofence and curfew alerts.