Trucks, Trailers & Bulk Beds Buyers’ Guide

Published online: Jun 11, 2020 Feature
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This buyers' guide appears in the June/July 2020 issue of Sugar Producer.

They cause traffic jams on old county roads. They’re incredibly fun to drive, but not because they’re fast or smooth. They’re big, they’re loud, and they’re powerful. They are the heavy haulers of the agriculture industry, carrying loads our farming ancestors would have deemed impossible. The trucks, bulk beds and trailers in use on today’s farms are a testament to the wonders of modern engineering.

Take a look through our buyers’ guide. Hopefully you’ll find something that will help on your operation.

H&S Mfg., Inc.          

(800) ROW-CROP

H&S Beet Cart

With nearly 30 years of experience manufacturing sugarbeet carts, H&S has developed a cart with the customer’s needs in mind.

H&S Mfg. offers 24-, 30- and 35-ton beet cart model sizes. H&S carts add efficiency to keep the harvester moving during the short window of fall beet harvest. H&S carts can continue operating in extreme or muddy conditions with available tracks or large flotation radial tires. Unloading boom sizes are available in widths of 42, 52 and 64 inches. The elevator boom provides for fast unloading while scrub cleaning the beets for producer tare incentive payments. Unload speed can be optimized with any available tractor, as the elevator can be driven by hydraulic or PTO power. Convenient water kits and scale options are available.

Safe-T-Pull Manufacturing Inc.

(701) 284-6100

Crop Shuttle

The Crop Shuttle is the largest, fastest and most versatile crop cart on the market. It is fully customizable, giving growers up to 46 tons of capacity and discharge speeds up to 25 tons per minute. The Crop Shuttle is extremely versatile and can be used in multiple crops such as sugarbeets, potatoes, carrots, onions, red beets, cucumbers and even corn silage.

The Crop Shuttle’s innovative design eliminates the need for a PTO to power the hydraulics. Its patented design has minimal moving parts and changing angles, leading to less debris buildup while using less hydraulic power. The hopper rises into the air while unloading, creating the incline needed without a separate conveyor slowing down discharge and damaging a crop.

The Crop Shuttle is fully customizable to meet and grower’s needs and features multiple cleaning bed options that allow operators to remove tare and leave the dirt in the field.

Strong Box Live Bottom

Strong Box live-bottom belted trailers and bulk beds allow operators to have versatility across many crops, enabling quick and gentle unloading. Unlike an end-dump, drivers can control unload rate and have greater stability by keeping a low center of gravity, even on sloped ground. Wet materials such as lime and manure that are known to stick to end-dump walls and cause rollovers can easily be hauled.

Strong Box’s powerful, positive chain-drive belted floor ensures no slippage, providing a fast unload rate that is smooth and gentle. Enclosed side walls provide great aerodynamics and a clean look. The trailer also provides flex where you want it and strength where you need it.

Options include 30-, 36- and 50-inch belt widths, multiple axles, gas-powered hydraulic units, multiple rear door options for numerous crops, and various overall lengths and side wall heights.

Art’s Way Manufacturing

(712) 864-3131

9016 High Dump

The 9016-BT wheel base is set so the tires can run through the field without damaging unlifted beets. This machine is offered in different axle options to match each field’s row spacing. The cart features a large, 20-ton capacity and can be easily set to dump to the left or right side. When combined, these features allow the 9016-BT to be pulled alongside the harvester when opening and dump back to the left when full. This allows the harvester to run at a much more continuous pace, greatly reducing the amount of lost time.

GOW Group, Inc.

(800) 499-4711

Aluminum Trailer Inserts

Using industry-leading technology, GOW aluminum inserts allow growers to move product easily and efficiently. This one-of-a- kind design allows for maximum product hauling with minimal weight, providing more dollars per load. Having the belt over the chain drive guarantees direct movement of the load with no belt slippage. The electric drive allows for constant unloading of product at each user’s preferred speed. Swing-out doors in the back allow for easy loading, and a tilting sluice ensures easy unloading. Installation of the inserts is quick and easy; simply slide the insert inside the trailer and fasten. These low-maintenance inserts bring value to any operation that requires bulk product to be moved.

GOW aluminum inserts are available for installation inside 47- and 53-foot trailers. 

GOW Bulk Box

The GOW Bulk Box is built with the grower in mind. Its one-of-a-kind horizontal side gate allows for unmatched in-field performance for loading visibility and harvester location to the loading box. Its round shape design allows for unparalleled load capacity, along with a belt-over-chain unloading system for no-slip working conditions. The electric drive allows for constant unloading of product at each user’s preferred speed. All boxes come with electric tarps for load transport covering.

GOW Bulk Boxes are available in 360-, 390- and 420-hundredweight capacities.

Spudnik Equipment Co.

(208) 785-0480

Crop Cart

Utilizing the versatility of the Spudnik Crop Cart, growers are able to increase their harvest efficiencies in the field.  The 4835 Crop Cart is a 35-ton multi-use implement with a variety of optional factory attachments that include a sugarbeet boom.

STC Trailer

Spudnik Equipment acquired Blackfoot, Idaho-based STC Trailers in early 2020. For over 10 years, STC has manufactured diamond-quality semi-trailers and bulk beds. 

Growers can load on the go with Spudnik’s Dynamic Transloading System. This system optimizes the harvesting window by minimizing trucks in the field, with a harvester loading a Crop Cart and the Crop Cart loading a semi-trailer in ideal field conditions.

Amity Technology

(701) 232-4199

Amity Sugarbeet Cart

The sugarbeet cart from Amity Technology fits any operation and unlocks profit potential. Capable of unloading up to 30 tons per minute, the Amity sugarbeet cart with a 35-ton capacity will keep harvesters running at maximum capacity and quickly turn trucks to get them back on the road, no matter the field conditions.

Parma Company

(208) 722-5116

Parma Combo Box

The Parma multi-use combo box is a heavy-duty manure spreader that can be simply converted to forage or bulk box for year-round usage by removing the rear attachment and adding different side extension kits for silage, sugarbeets or other commodities. Three different spreader attachments are available: the horizontal beater, the compost and manure spinner unit or the vertical beater spinner. These boxes are available in truck-mounted pull-type trailer or pull-type semi-trailer configurations ranging from 16 to 30 feet.

Ropa North America

(810) 705-0297

Big Bear Sugarbeet Cart

The Big Bear sugarbeet cart is a quick way to transport beets from the harvester to the truck or clamp. Both 35- and 40-ton models ensure quick unloading by hydraulically driven conveyors to the center conveyor, keeping a balanced load at all times. Track undercarriage keeps compaction at a minimum and allows harvest of beets even in adverse conditions. A scrub roller provides cleaning action as beets pass from the center floor to the truck conveyor. Operators can select left- or righthand unload with or without a hydraulic lift.

Grover’s All Wheels

(800) 625-7077

Full-Size Trucks

Grover’s All Wheels has been serving the heavy-duty truck needs of its customers nationwide since 1978. Grover’s specializes in heavy-duty truck sales, service and parts, as well as in configuring trucks with Allison automatic transmissions. Grover’s carries a large selection of trucks, as well as the equipment required to get trucks ready to go to work. Rigorous inspection and reconditioning ensures customers the highest standard of quality. Grover’s custom-builds trucks on-site to meet the specific demands of growers’ work and has many trucks available for seasonal lease.