Betaseed, Inc. Emerges as KWS Seeds, LLC

Published online: Jun 29, 2020 News
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Effective July 1, Betaseed, Inc. will become KWS Seeds, LLC reflecting a celebrated legacy that has focused on the future of agriculture and food production through innovative plant breeding methods. Now 50 years old, Betaseed, Inc. was the result of joint venture between KWS SAAT, located in Einbeck, Germany, and Northup King Co. In 1989 KWS purchased the remaining assets from Northrup King Co. and has since demonstrated a commitment through continuous investment in Betaseed, Inc., bringing products and technology to North American agriculture. This change reflects the strong heritage that Betaseed has created in the past and will continue with in the future.

“As a German company with a large global presence, KWS is well-known for its sugarbeet industry-leading traits, genetics and applications of innovative technology,” says John Enright, president of Betaseed, Inc. “This transition reflects the collaborative relationship that KWS has had with Betaseed over the past 50 years. We look forward to the continued evolution of our company as KWS leads development of innovative solutions that include a new Cercospora tolerance trait and the ongoing development of the next generation of herbicide tolerance trait marketed to sugarbeet growers through the Betaseed and Crystal sugarbeet seed brands.”

“KWS first began breeding sugarbeets nearly 165 years ago and has continued to offer the agricultural industry innovative solutions through leadership, research and plant breeding methods that have benefited sugarbeet growers and all farmers around the world,” says Tobias Huth, head of KWS’s sugarbeet business unit. “We’re excited to bring new traits to North American sugarbeet growers that will support their operating goals to be more efficient, effective and increasingly rewarding for generations to come.”

The existing Betaseed, Inc. facilities will soon have signage and other visible changes that highlight this transition.

“Our sugarbeet seed brands are positioned even better for the future, and we will continue to offer best-in-class hybrids and performance to all of our valued customers,” says Enright. “We’re updating our identity to better reflect our heritage and partnership with the strong research capabilities that KWS offers us.”