Product: GOW Aluminum Trailer Inserts

Published online: Apr 14, 2020 New Products
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Using industry-leading technology, GOW aluminum inserts allow growers to move product easily and efficiently. This one-of-a- kind design allows for maximum product hauling with minimal weight, providing more dollars per load. Having the belt over the chain drive guarantees direct movement of the load with no belt slippage. The electric drive allows for constant unloading of product at each user’s preferred speed. Swing-out doors in the back allow for easy loading, and a tilting sluice ensures easy unloading. Installation of the inserts is quick and easy; simply slide the insert inside the trailer and fasten. These low-maintenance inserts bring value to any operation that requires bulk product to be moved.

GOW aluminum inserts are available for installation inside 47- and 53-foot trailers.  For pricing and delivery lead time, call (800) 499-4711 or email