New Product: Reinke SAC VRI

Published online: Apr 02, 2020 New Products
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Reinke Manufacturing introduces a patent-pending technology to increase variable rate irrigation efficiency for swing arm corners: SAC VRI. Growers in the U.S. and Canada will further benefit from the user-friendly RPM Preferred Touch or Annex PFTM panels and their ability to upload and store several prescriptions, providing them with the opportunity to save both time and money.

Used on the whole irrigation system, variable rate irrigation can segment water application into more than 300,000 zones, which growers can optimize over time. A predictive prescription is provided for SAC VRI to maximize yield based on results of swing arm corner tests across numerous fields.

This latest irrigation innovation from Reinke has performed well in field tests, enabling growers to apply the highest probable prescription for a swing arm corner path. That uniform water application increases yield potential while eliminating the expense for outside sources to create and adjust prescriptions. 

“We believe this is the most advanced and easiest-to-use swing arm corner in the industry,” says Reinke president Chris Roth. “It takes quite a bit of work to develop highly effective irrigation technology that is also easy for growers to use. But our team at Reinke is dedicated to making sure producers can save time when they use our precision irrigation products in their operations.”

SAC VRI is available on all new swing arm corner configurations. Visit to learn more about variable rate irrigation and SAC VRI.

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