Sidney Sugars Welcomes New Agriculturist

Published online: Feb 26, 2020 News Anna Dragseth
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Source: Roundup Web

In Jan. 2020, Sidney Sugars, Inc. gained a new agriculturist. Timothy Cymbaluk hails from Crookston, Minn., and recently graduated with a bachelor's degree in crop and weed science from North Dakota State University.

Cymbaluk has always had a passion for working with sugarbeets, so when he saw the position open for an agriculturist at Sidney Sugars, it was apparent to him that he should apply.

"I have always wanted to work with sugarbeets, and I saw that Sidney Sugars was looking for an agriculturalist, so I thought it would be a great opportunity," he says.

Cymbaluk has an extensive background working with sugarbeets. He started assisting with sugarbeet research in high school as a student assistant at the University of Minnesota Crookston.

Cymbaluk explained, "This job entailed collecting and entering data, plant disease root rating, identification, inoculation and observation, soil sampling, Aphanomyces Rhizoctonia Pythium and Fusarium culture work, and other lab and plot work. I worked underneath Dr. Ashok Chanda and Jason Brantner in sugarbeet plant pathology. This job involved a lot of teamwork with our stand counts and preparing for field day. I acquired useful information, such as the use of proper ascetic techniques, disease identification, and ratings. I also established good communication with farmers, consultants, and agriculturalists when they came in to drop off samples."

He has not only worked for the University, but he has also worked for J.R. Simplot Company, which is one of the largest privately-held food and agribusiness companies in the nation. There he applied and developed new skills as a crop advisor intern. "This past summer, I was a crop advisor intern, and through this internship, I got to travel a little bit. This opportunity to travel really opened my eyes and kind of made me want to see more things and do some different things. This is what kind of influenced me to take the job position in Montana," said Cymbaluk.

With Cymbaluk's position as Sidney Sugars' agriculturist, he will be putting his skills to work by providing agronomic expertise to area growers in the production of a high-quality beet crop that will increase recoverable sugar per acre. He will also be involved with managing the Sidney and Culbertson factory yard harvest operations and beet storage. He will be responsible for managing harvest operations and beet storage for assigned areas along with managing grower relationships to attract and retain sugarbeet growers.

When asked if he had any goals for the year, he responded that he hopes to get acquainted with all of the sugarbeet growers in his area, and he is excited to meet new people. Cymbaluk added, "I hope the background that I have will be helpful, and I hope to motivate and help growers produce a good crop."