New Product: Reinke Electric Swing Arm Corner

Published online: Jan 07, 2020 New Products
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Reinke Manufacturing, a global leader in irrigation systems and technology, introduces the ESAC, Reinke’s electronic swing arm corner technology to growers in the U.S. and Canada. Used in tandem with swing arms manufactured by Reinke, ESAC will provide highly efficient and uniform water application allowing growers to increase yields under their Swing Arm Corners.

Dedicated to irrigation innovation, Reinke has searched out improved ways to water under the swing arm to help growers get the most they can from their operations. With the electronic zone control of Reinke’s Swing Arm Corner (SAC), growers have been able to increase the number of irrigated acres in their fields’. Combined with ESAC, they now have the technology to control sprinkler water application and virtually eliminate under and over watering on corners.

In field research, Reinke’s newest technology improved water precision application, making it a major improvement for irregular shaped fields and corner applications on rectangular fields. With electronic zone control based on GPS positioning, ESAC then optimizes the water or chemical applications to individual field specifications by controlling the sprinklers utilizing either six or 12 zones.

“We are proud to offer growers the new ESAC technology to improve water uniformity on corners,” said Chris Roth, Reinke President. “Reinke wants to help producers grow more with less and this technology will do just that.”

ESAC is installed on the SAC tower and is available on all swing arm models.

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