Reinke Recognizes Rain for Rent as Top 10 Dealership

Published online: Dec 09, 2019 News
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Reinke Manufacturing, a global leader in irrigation systems and technology, has recognized Rain for Rent as one of its top 10 highest-selling dealerships throughout the U.S. and Canada. The Rain for Rent locations in Idaho were also honored as one of the top five highest-selling dealers in the Northwest Territory.

The Rain for Rent dealership located in Idaho Falls, Idaho, received a Diamond Reinke Pride awards for their marketing year success. Overall, Rain for Rent has locations in Idaho Falls, Nampa and Paul, Idaho; Bakersfield, Imperial and San Joaquin, Calif.; and Chandler, Ariz. The dealerships also combined for the largest parts sales increase over the last year. They were honored during Reinke’s annual convention in Salt Lake City.

“I want to congratulate and thank Rain for Rent on receiving these top awards,” said Reinke vice president of North American irrigation sales Mark Mesloh. “Reinke appreciates the dedication they have shown to the growers in their area. We are very proud to work with them and have them representing Reinke.”

Reinke dealerships from across the U.S. and Canada gather each year to attend the company’s sales convention. This year, Reinke dealers met in Kansas City, Salt Lake City and Charlotte. The awards recognized select Reinke dealers for their hard work, commitment to the higher standards of being 100% Reinke Certified and for their dedication to sales and marketing efforts throughout the past year.

The Reinke Pride awards are determined as part of an incentive program that distinguishes superior achievement levels according to an evaluation based on a dealership’s exterior and interior housekeeping and maintenance, indoor and outdoor displays, safety, retail environment, merchandising, professionalism, promotions, event participation and market share.

With hundreds of dealers in more than 40 countries, Reinke Manufacturing is the world’s largest privately held manufacturer of center pivot and lateral move irrigation systems. Family-owned since 1954, and headquartered in Deshler, Neb., Reinke develops products and technology designed to increase agriculture production while providing labor savings and environmental efficiencies. Reinke is a continued leader in industry advancements as the first to incorporate GPS, satellite-based communications and touchscreen panel capabilities into mechanized irrigation system management.

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Chris Roth, Reinke president; Lance Eldridge, David Seigel, Marvin Pascual, Reinke territory manager; and Riley Butikofer