New Product: Valley Tower Box Enhanced

Published online: Nov 12, 2019 New Products
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Valley Irrigation announces the global release of Valley Tower Box Enhanced, a precision motor control solution featuring proprietary solid state technology for irrigation machines.

“For decades, the use of electrical contactors has been the primary control source of AC center drive motors throughout the irrigation industry,” says Troy Long, senior director of product management at Valley. “Valley took center drive motor control back to the drawing board to develop an alternative solution to the standard electrical contactor.”

Featuring Valley’s new, proprietary Solid State Motor Controller, the Valley Tower Box Enhanced will allow growers to upgrade their existing tower boxes with the latest motor control technology, providing increased reliability and precise start-stop capabilities.

Valley Tower Box Enhanced:

  • Eliminates existing tower box contactor for reduced maintenance;
  • Provides reliable solid state technology for irrigation center drive motor control;
  • Utilizes precision start-stop control capabilities with integrated braking; and
  • Integrates safety features for UL and CE certification

“These tower box enhancements are now available to growers worldwide,” says Long. “They demonstrate our commitment to continually providing growers with technology to help them be more efficient and more profitable.”

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