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Hilleshög Seed hybrids fighting pests and disease

Published online: Nov 05, 2019 New Products, News
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This article appears in the November/December 2019 issue of Sugar Producer.

As you prepare for 2020, look back to the 2019 harvest. The lush green fields across many of the growing areas in the U.S.were predominately Hilleshög beets. While diseases were raging throughout many growing regions, Hilleshög’s varieties stood strong to the end. Hilleshög hybrids maximize yield potential while maintaining the strong disease packages required for profitability. The upcoming season brings new varieties for any operation, bred to withstand local growing conditions and disease pressures.

Contact your local sales representative for additional hybrid information as well as new financing options available for 2020.


With the head of breeding in Sweden and supported by a team in Colorado, Hilleshög is accelerating the speed to market of varieties through genomic selection and other specialized breeding methods. The company’s aim is to respond to challenges in the field as swiftly as possible while maintaining its high quality and purity standards.

Michigan Sugar

Hilleshög continues to bring industry-leading Cercospora tolerance while maximizing extractable sugar. Based on OVT approvals, Hilleshög is unveiling two new hybrids. The first is HIL2238NT, a high-yielding nematode variety with a superior disease package. HIL2240 brings excellent Cercospora protection and root aphid tolerance while focusing on high extractable sugar potential.

American Crystal

Hilleshög is pleased to offer financing options through American Crystal Sugar Company for 2020, giving growers the opportunity to plant industry-leading hybrids on convenient terms. New varieties on the roster include HIL9920 and HIL2230. HIL9920 showed a strong field performance this past season with robust yield/sugar and a broad disease package. The second newcomer is HIL2230, a high-yielding hybrid with solid disease protection. (Based on OVT approval)  


Hilleshög Seed has a new option for Minn-Dak growers in 2020. HIL2228 boasts competitive yields as well as excellent Cercospora tolerance. (Based on OVT approval)  


New to the fields is HIL2219, a variety that excels at Rhizoctonia and Cercospora protection while achieving good extractable sugar potential. (Based on OVT approval)  

Amalgamated Sugar

Hilleshög Seed has several potential options for Amalgamated growers in 2020, two of which excel at nematode protection and root aphid tolerance. HIL9919NT brings superior nematode and root aphid tolerance while maximizing yield potential. HIL2204NT is a competitive option that offers a broad disease package for multiple disease challenges.   HIL9916 has shown to perform well both in the field and within the OVTs. (Based on OVT approval)  

Wyoming Sugar

HIL9928 is a nematode option for 2020 based on OVT approval. This hybrid brings a good disease package with strong yield opportunities.