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Diversify genetics on your farm with Seedex

Published online: Nov 07, 2019 New Products, News
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This article appears in the November/December 2019 issue of Sugar Producer.

Each year during harvest, beet growers begin making decisions on the varieties they’ll plant next year, based on factors such as seed dealer recommendations, sugar content and yield, or official trial results. Regardless of the deciding factor, we all know how important it is to “diversify your portfolio.”

Seedex encourages this, and Seedex breeders do the same within their hybrid variety profile. They know how important it is to bring all the tolerance needed into a hybrid, whether it’s Aphanomyces or Rhizoctonia tolerance, or a combination of both. Or whether it need root aphid tolerance with strong Cercospora tolerance, or curly top tolerance in a nematode variety. Seedex breeders develop multiple genetic lines focusind on the right combinations of disease tolerance to fit across a wide variety of regions. The company’s hybrids are tested in all markets and in a wide array of conditions. These observations help Seedex direct where they see the best fits for individual farms.


American Crystal Sugar Company

Growers in the Red River Valley will have a nice choice in Seedex varieties to plant in 2020. Seedex now offers two new varieties for approval this year. SX 1887 and SX 1888 both build on the agronomic strengths of Marathon and increase sugar and disease tolerance. SX 1887 will shine in areas where Aphanomyces can be an issue, but also brings stronger root aphid and Rhizoctonia tolerance—so a great hybrid overall. SX 1888 brings new genetics that offer high sugar and excellent revenue, along with good Aphanomyces tolerance and stronger vigor and emergence.



Michigan and Ontario growers have watched Seedex genetics improve and exceed expectations, moving to the top in both the OVTs and Sugarbeet Advancement trials. Those growers will now have the opportunity to plant more SX 1264 as supply increases for 2020. It’s a variety that delivers excellent root aphid tolerance, high yields and sugar, and good Cercospora, Aphanomyces and Rhizoctonia tolerance—in other words, the complete package for a region that can be very challenging for beets.

Seedex’s new SX 2283 will likely be a limited-approval variety, but it takes the strengths of SX 1264, adding better stability as measured in performance under a wide variety of conditions. Growers should watch for it on the Approved Varieties List in November.

For growers looking for nematode tolerance, SX 1278N will improve root aphid tolerance of the already-nice performance of SX 1245N.



New hybrid SC 1578N supply will increase for 2020, as it moves from being a limited market variety to fully approved. It’s the complete package, as it takes on rhizomania, curly top, nematodes and Rhizoctonia, with added root aphid tolerance. In addition, the high-sugar genetics bring higher ERS per acre, which fits right into Amalgamated Sugar’s initiative to increase factory output and grower payments with their high-sugar formula. It’s a winning variety across the board. Growers will want to order SX 1578N early, as it sold out in 2019 and will likely be in high demand again.

In summary, Seedex is dedicated to research and has a long tradition of offering high sugar purity, yield and disease tolerance. Seedex advises growers every year to identify what they need and consider putting a Seedex variety on the farm to help spread the risk and bring the best return.