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SESVanderHave meeting growers’ needs

Published online: Nov 07, 2019 New Products, News
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This article appears in the November/December 2019 issue of Sugar Producer.

SESVanderHave develops and delivers competitive sugarbeet seeds. The company’s focus, like that of growers, is specific to each growing region, and SESVanderHave products are tested and rated there. They rate their genetics like the growers who will plant them, identifying what they are looking for when choosing a variety.

Spreckels Sugar Company growers have seen SV varieties rise to the top of official trials in Brawley, Calif., the last few years, and are seeing the same results in their fields. Growers look for a variety with some flexibility in harvest timing, and SV 602TT provides that with enough heat tolerance to shine from April through the end of June. SV 602TT also sugars up fast and leads the market in recoverable sugar in trials and in the field.

Minn-Dak Farmers Cooperative growers should again be pleased with SV performance in their fields and official trials. They need varieties with Rhizoctonia tolerance that also bring enough Aphanomyces and Cercospora tolerance, as well as recoverable sugar. SV 762 continues to shine in difficult areas with a great combined tolerance to all three diseases; it was second only to SV 655 in both RSA and RST in official trials. It’s a true complement to SV 655 with similar disease tolerance for growers.

Southern Minnesota Beet Sugar Cooperative growers face the toughest Aphanomyces and Cercospora challenges in the U.S. SV now provides the SV 862 and SV 863 varieties, both with strong Cercospora tolerance, as evidenced on-farm and in OVT, grower strip trials and proprietary trials. SV is excited with both varieties, as they have excellent Rhizoctonia tolerance combined with strong Aphanomyces tolerance. While OVT trials always display different pests and diseases, the data from SMBSC shows both SV varieties are very consistent from location to location, regardless of disease impact.
American Crystal Sugar Company growers face a whole gamut of challenges, and severity of diseases can vary across the Red River Valley. They need to know what hybrids offer in order to select the best fit. SV 285 is on approval track in the American Crystal area and brings strong Aphanomyces and Rhizoctonia tolerance in a nice root aphid product adapted to many areas. High sugar and excellent vigor characteristics bring added stability to this variety. Again, SV conducted an early sugar trial this year, digging samples and collecting data multiple times from four different locations across the Valley. Knowing which genetics produce sugar early helps growers maximize revenue per acre. 

Amalgamated Sugar growers in Idaho and western Oregon keep several different parameters in mind when choosing varieties. Many need a curly top nematode workhorse variety like SV 062N, that combines strong Rhizoctonia and Rhizomania tolerance with excellent yield and sugar. Also watch OVT results for SV’s new Tandem SV 183 this year.

SV breeders Maarten Vanderstukken and Nele De Temmerman are smiling because their hard work is paying off with SV 863, a complete variety to which SMBSC growers are responding positively.

Western Sugar North growers will have SV 1782N, a very sweet and high-yielding hybrid that delivers a portfolio of nematode, curly top, Cercospora and root aphid protection. This second-year variety is being produced, so seeds will be available for Western North growers, pending approval. Watch official trials for other new SESVanderHave varieties as well.

Western Sugar South growers may want to try SV 1686N, now in its second year of OVT trials. This excellent root aphid variety combines nematode and Cercospora tolerance with great yield and sugar. It should provide a nice revenue-generating product for Western South growers.

Wyoming Sugar growers will have SV 1361N, now in its third year and looking very nice in yield trials. This strong Rhizomania/nematode product with moderate Fusarium tolerance has great adaptability to a variety of conditions.

Lantic Sugar growers in Alberta will see SV 575 up for approval this year in the official trials. With the strong vigor and purity of SV genetics, it will bring the right balance of sugar and yield growers need.

Across the U.S., SESVanderHave continues to breed, test and produce new and improved varieties for growers.