New Product: McCrometer Non-Programmable Registers

Published online: Oct 25, 2019 New Products
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Flow meter manufacturer McCrometer, Inc. recently announced the newest feature to its agriculture product suite: non-programmable digital registers accompanying propeller meters.

The McPropeller and Water Specialties propeller flow meters have been cornerstone products serving the needs of the agriculture community for decades, with the McPropeller becoming a market staple not long after McCrometer’s inception in 1955. Changing agriculture needs and the application of the propeller meters in the municipal market led to ongoing design and technology improvements to meet customer demand. As a trusted partner in customers’ flow measurement projects, McCrometer is dedicated to providing unique solutions for efficient flow management—a mission that led to the non-programmable registers.

Registers accompany flow meters to display flow rate and volumetric total, and have historically allowed the user to re-program the register to display information in a variance of units and other data.

“New regulatory requirements for states such as Colorado and Kansas have fostered the need for flow meters and accompanying digital registers to be locked against reprogramming in the field to ensure data security,” said Ken Quandt, regulatory development specialist for McCrometer. “This prevents any tampering of flow measurement devices, supporting efficient management of natural resources—a practice that is not only a goal for regulatory bodies, but part of McCrometer’s mission statement.”

McCrometer offers three total registers that accompany the McPropeller and Water Specialties propeller meter, and two meet the new regulatory requirements: FlowCom, the digital register; and FlowConnect, the telemetry unit that automates data collection for exact match from meter to website. Both registers are available for non-programmable requirements, imprinted with a padlock to denote compliance with state regulation.  

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