New Product: Agragene Knock-Out

Published online: Sep 25, 2019 New Products
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Agragene Inc. has acquired an exclusive, worldwide license to Precision-Guided Sterile Insect Technology from the University of California. Agragene uses this technology to create environmentally responsible insect pest control products for growers. With insecticide resistance increasing and retail pesticide costs escalating, Agragene offers growers better and more cost-effective alternatives to chemical pesticides.

“With Knock-Out, our goal is to bring effective and safe crop pest control to growers at a fraction of the cost of the chemical insecticides that they are using today,” says Agragene president and CEO Gordon Robert Alton. “By deploying our sterile male insects into growers’ fields with autonomous drones, they now have an approach that requires essentially no field labor. Currently, the agricultural sector is facing enormous shortages of migrant labor. Our solution alleviates this major expense. By eliminating insecticides, growers’ crops may be organically certified, thereby further increasing profits.”

Knock-Out  brings cutting-edge, proprietary genomic technology to a decades-old technology known as sterile insect technique. Agragene’s approach provides safe, precise control and an exceptionally cost-effective solution to deploying sterile male insects onto growers’ fields.

“We have created an eco-friendly product that is safe for bees, safe for birds and protects workers,” says Agragene chairman David Webb. “Consumers will enjoy healthy, pesticide-free, organic food. This is a smart, ecologically sustainable and profitable business for all of us.”

Knock-Out benefits include:

  • Lower costs as multiple chemical insecticides are eliminated
  • Lower costs due to less field labor required to spray the field
  • Workers can resume harvesting of the crop immediately following application
  • More rapid, flexible and real-time control of the pest
  • Increased revenue for organic crop produce
  • Birds, bees and beneficial insects are protected
  • Safer for workers
  • Pesticide-free food for consumers

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