Crop Protection Buyers' Guide

Published online: Mar 30, 2019 New Products
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This buyers' guide appears in the April 2019 issue of Sugar Producer.

Planting a sugarbeet crop is a costly investment, and everyone knows you can’t just leave those beets out there to fend for themselves. The products below will help growers protect their beets and reduce the sting of weather-related problems.



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Serifel biofungicide is a protective biological fungicide that exhibits broad-spectrum disease control and a novel mode of action. As a product with a clean formulation, Serifel biofungicide starts growers off on the right foot when it is applied according to the label. When used as part of an integrated disease management program, Serifel biofungicide provides conventional growers with a unique solution to address challenges in the food production value chain. It has a favorable toxicological and environmental profile for users, the environment and consumers.


Syngenta Crop Protection, LLC

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Inspire XT Fungicide

Inspire XT fungicide provides outstanding control of Cercospora leaf spot and powdery mildew in sugarbeets. A combination of two trusted triazoles, Inspire XT provides translaminar and xylem-systemic activity for long-lasting disease control. Inspire XT offers quick rainfastness and flexible application options, easily fitting into any existing program to help achieve optimal yields.

Please check with your local extension service to ensure registration status in your state and county. Inspire is a registered trademark of a Syngenta Group Company.


Vive Crop Protection

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AZteroid FC


AZteroid FC controls rhizoctonia to maximize yield and sugar content. It is the only fungicide that provides hassle-free mixing with liquid fertilizer, so growers can simply pour it in the tank and go. 

In addition to controlling rhizoctonia, AZteroid FC provides overall plant health benefits: improved greening, better overall stand, increased root depth and ability to withstand late-season diseases. AZteroid FC contains azoxystrobin, which has been proven to cleans up the soil in the root zone and reduce inoculum in the soil throughout the season.

Ninety-eight percent of sugarbeet growers who used AZteroid FC in 2018 have reported that they plan to use it again in 2019.



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Designed to be non-toxic to beneficials, fish, honey bees and mammals, Vestaron’s Spear brand family provides new technology with a unique mode of action in a biological solution equal to—and often better than—the synthetic options. Spear products provide growers the opportunity to incorporate a new IRAC group, 32, into rotation recommendations for resistance management.

Spear-Lep is a bioinsecticide for fruits, vegetables and high-value crops in the field and greenhouses. Targeting lepidopteran and coleopteran pests such as loopers, worms, caterpillars and beetles, field trials of Spear-Lep demonstrate results of equivalency or superiority to conventional insecticides with a desirable environmental profile including four-hour REI and 0 PHI, as well as a caution label. The Spear brand family is the initial product line of Vestaron’s planned lineup utilizing a proprietary peptide program.



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Lucento Fungicide

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Powered by a novel pre-mix of active ingredients from FMC, new Lucento fungicide provides an exclusive combination of benefits for smart disease protection and high-yielding performance against the toughest diseases in sugarbeets, including powdery mildew and Cercospora leaf spot. With two modes of action (flutriafol and bixafen), Lucento offers long-lasting residual disease control and curative activity. It can also be used to reduce the burden on other important fungicides, like strobilurins, as part of a disease resistance management plan.

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Certis USA

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LifeGard WG

The EPA has registered LifeGard WG, the first foliar-applied biological plant activator available on the market, for use on potatoes, sugarbeets, fruiting vegetables, pecans and other specialty agricultural crops to control diseases. LifeGard’s active ingredient, the Bacillus mycoides isolate J (BmJ), is a naturally occurring bacterium that triggers an induced systemic resistance (ISR) response in plants. This ISR response mode of action offers efficacy, resistance management materials, low residue levels, and crop and worker safety. LifeGard is NOP-approved and OMRI-listed, is residue exempt, has a four-hour REI, can be applied the day of harvest, and is bee safe.

LifeGard triggers a plant’s natural immune response to pathogenic fungi, bacteria and viruses. Plants respond to initial detection of potentially pathogenic micro-organisms by “switching on” resistance genes, causing a cascade of metabolic responses to limit infection and disease development. LifeGard is unique in that it works entirely as a microbial ISR activator with no direct antagonistic effect on plant pathogens. LifeGard induces the same genetic resistance pathway as the class of chemical ISR inducers known as benzothiadiazoles, but for longer periods and with lower risk of phytotoxicity.

Helm Agro US

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Quiz Herbicide

Quiz herbicide is a premier single-pass tool for controlling annual and perennial grasses in sugarbeets, soybeans, cotton, canola, dry beans, sunflowers and other crops, plus non-crop areas. Quiz’s flexible rate ranges and versatile tank-mix options make it a top choice for growers. It also has superior crop safety features and a wide application window.

Quiz herbicide is available in 2×2.5-gallon cases and contains 0.88 pounds of the active ingredient, quizalofop-P-ethyl, per gallon.


United Phosphorus, Inc.

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Dexter Max Fungicide

Dexter Max fungicide controls key diseases and aids in yield enhancement for sugarbeets, cucurbits, onions, peanuts and tomatoes. Providing both contact and systemic dual mode-of-action activity, Dexter Max is a great fit for any disease resistance management program.


Max Systems, LLC

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Revolution 3.0 

Revolution 3.0 is a nano-based adjuvant from Max Systems that helps with chemical penetration into plants with less burn than other standard adjuvants. Revolution 3.0 allows chemicals to penetrate plants within 90 seconds, helping to eliminate evaporation and runoff of the chemicals being applied. With a use rate of 2 to 4 ounces, Revolution 3.0 is a very user-friendly product. Improved burndown on tough weeds and increased performance of post applications on hard to control weeds have been observed with use of Revolution 3.0.

Regulator 3.0

Regulator 3.0 is a carbon-based, pH-adjusting product that helps raise the oxygen level of the water, making plants more accepting of the total spray solution. The holding capability of Regulator 3.0 allows growers to treat their water up to a few months ahead of time to make handling easier. Balancing the pH of a water spray solution to between 5.5 and 6 is the best range to be with most programs. The use of Regulator 3.0 helps remove the use of salts, which can slow the process of absorption. Regulator 3.0 turns the tank mix into a rain-like solution, allowing absorption to take place in a fraction of the time.

The combination of Revolution 3.0 and Regulator 3.0 is a unique, effective and economical alternative to standard adjuvant packages that are currently being used.


Drexel Chemical Company

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Duplicator 6 

Duplicator 6 is a highly concentrated glyphosate herbicide formulated for superior performance and tank-mix compatibility. It contains 5.4 pounds of glyphosate per gallon in the form of diammonium salt. Duplicator 6’s enhanced diammonium salt formulation provides superior tank-mix compatibility compared to potassium salt formulations. A full surfactant load provides broad-spectrum weed control in Roundup Ready crops and many other cropping systems. Recommended use rate is 22 fluid ounces per acre.

Imitator Plus 

Imitator Plus is a non-selective, systemic herbicide formulated to control annual and perennial weeds, woody brushes and trees in a variety of crops. It absorbs through foliage and translocates to the root system, is formulated for use with Roundup Ready crops, and can be used in aerial and ground applications. Imitator Plus is rainfast with two hours and absorbs completely within six hours.

Sulfur 80 WDG 

Sulfur 80 WDG is a fungicide, insecticide and miticide for use on citrus, field, fruit, nut, Ornamental, turf and vegetable applications. OMRI-listed and containing 80 percent sulfur, this multi-faceted product is designed for a variety of uses in a range of crops. The low-dust, water-dispersible granule is formulated for maximum coverage and suspension. Sulfur 80 WDG is for use in aerial, chemigation, and ground applications and is registered for use on a wide range of fungal diseases, insects and nutrient deficiencies.


Corteva Agriscience

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Stinger Herbicide

Stinger herbicide provides superior control of Canada thistle in sugarbeets, wheat, corn and other crops. And, unlike other herbicides, it can significantly reduce thistle populations next season.

Stinger has excellent tank-mix compatibility and is a critical component of micro-rate tank-mixing for broad-spectrum weed control. As a result, it greatly reduces costly hand-weeding expenses.